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Responses to High School Choir Lesson Plans

Several people asked that I post the responses that I received regarding
high school choir lesson plans. Here they are:

I 've used various formats in the past. This year I am keying all of my
objectives to our newly adopted state standards in Ohio. See under arts for
our standards....there are also sample lesson plans being developed. I'm
basically going to take the content standards and code them with either
numbers or letters and place then next to the music titles and/or
sections that I am working on for the day.

Hope this helps.

Steve Popa
Lima Senior High

I suggest you look at the file named "Chorus Lesson Plan Template" on the
following web page.

It was created by a friend of mine who teaches middle school chorus but it
would adapt readily for a high school lesson plan with very minor changes.
Her administration even approved the file as is.

If you find another lesson plan that you like, I'd appreciate a copy. The
web site above is mine and I'm always looking for additions.


Mr. Jussi Doherty
Diplomat Middle School
Cape Coral, Florida

Hello Sherri,

I have retired after a 35 year career as a choral director (as well as
some years instrumental) in California.

Lesson Plans Format:
Pretty simple frankly,

Warm-ups 5-10 minutes and include both body and vocal warm-ups. Work
vocal techniques, body positions, posture, vigorous.

Sight Reading - 5-10 minutes - This is a must every day, no matter
what. We used Melodia (I did teach them solfeggio) and they learned
it, but hated it until they went off to college and discovered they
were in choirs where everyone in their section wanted to sit next to
them because "they could read". Coming back to visit my classes was
my validation from them to my kids. They said "Do it".

Old Problems from the previous day or two's rehearsals. 20-25 minutes.
Stuff they have worked on but need drill or insight, or motivation

(I don't know your time length of period, but you can adjust as needed)

End the rehearsals with something new - fun - something they really
like to sing. 10-15 minutes.

Words of praise and announcements or reminders.

It really is not a complicated layout but it worked for me and my
choirs. My biggest personal problem was remembering to move on to the
next part of the lesson because I was so often "in the moment".
Totally lost track of time, often.

Good luck and remember to have them enjoy accomplishment.
Russell Parker

I also received a couple of attachments, but I did not know how to put
them here. Email me if you want me to forward them to you. I'm still
interested in other people's lesson plans, so if you come across
something great, please send it to me.

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