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Choral Music by Shostakovich

Dear Listers,

A student of mine is researching music for her upcoming
graduation concert, and she brought me Shostakovich's "10
songs on poems by 19th-century revolutionary poets", as
edited by G. Schirmer in 1977. This edition brings only
an English version of the text. We are in search of the
original Russian version, so I ask for your collective
help in that.

Also, we wish to expand our research on choral music by
Shostakovich and we were able to compile a list of works,
but we need information about available editions of such
works, and we appreciate any info on that as well.

Here are the works we have listed so far:

a.. Opus 58g: "The Oath to the People's Commissar" for
bass, chorus and piano (1941)
b.. Opus 58h: "Songs of a Guard's Division" ("The
Fearless Regiments Are On the Move"), marching song for
bass and mixed chorus with simple accompaniment for bayan
or piano (1941)
c.. Opus 63f: Russian Folk Songs for chorus (1943)
d.. Opus 63g: Three Russian Folk Songs for two soloists
and chorus with piano accompaniment (1943)
e.. Opus 74: Poem of the Motherland, cantata for
mezzosoprano, tenor, two baritones, chorus and orchestra
f.. Opus 78b: Rayok (Little Paradise) for four voices,
chorus and piano (1948)
g.. Opus 81: Song of the Forests, oratorio after
Dolmatovsky for tenor, bass soli, mixed & boys' chorus and
orchestra (1949)
h.. Opus 86a: The Homeland Hears for chorus and tenor
soloist with wordless chorus (1951)
i.. Opus 88: Ten Poems on Texts by Revolutionary Poets
for chorus and boys' chorus a cappella (1951)
j.. Opus 90: The Sun Shines on Our Motherland, cantata
after Dolmatovsky for mixed & boys' chorus and orchestra
k.. Opus 104: Cultivation: Two Russian Folk Song
Arrangements for chorus a cappella (1957)
l.. Opus 119: The Execution of Stepan Razin, cantata
after Yevtushenko for bass, mixed chorus and orchestra
m.. Opus 124: Two Choruses after Davidenko for chorus
and orchestra (1962)
n.. Opus 136: Loyalty, eight ballads after Dolmatovsky
for unaccompanied male chorus (1970)
Thank you all in advance for your help.

Edson Dias Carvalho

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