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So many choices with Spotify

I'm teaching Choral Literature in Spring 2011.  As a part of my preparation, I'm investing in a couple of new resources:
1.  The digital version (i.e. Kindle) of Dennis Shrock's Choral Repertoire (I already own the hardback).  (Hey Dennis, can't I get a discount by purchasing both?)
2.  I've decided to subscribe to the "premium" version of Spotify, a new subscription service for music.  I mentioned Spotify in this blog about a month ago, but I have yet to really explore the new tool. 
There is much to like about Spotify.  The best feature is access to an incredible universe of all types of music.  One of the other ingenious features is the ability to make and share playlists.  Rolling Stone has created a playlist of the 500 greatest hits of all time.
I've been searching for choral music playlists and I've found several.
Here is one:  The Greatest Choral Music Ever, part 1.  I didn't create the list, nor do I agree with the top 10 list - but it was fun to listen to.  In particular, Tavener's Song for Athene really rocked my boat.  Here is one called "Choral Champs" and another focused on Renaissance music.
This Spotify is an incredible tool for us to use.  How many of you have created lists for yourself, or for your classes about choral music?  It is time to share - or learn - about the great opportunities with Spotify.
on January 23, 2012 5:21am
Spotify is an amazing resource.  I love it.   Being retired, I don't concern myself with the teaching aspects it offers.  Thanks for telling us about the play lists.  I didn't know they existed.  
on January 23, 2012 7:25am
I was thinking about this the other day with the forum discussion on the greatest choral albums. My plan had been to put the albums on a playlist to share. I haven. Had enough time yet though.
on January 23, 2012 9:30am
One can also utilize Dr Rob Wegner's Online Site: Renaissance Masses 1440-1520 to supplement such listings- midis, but 250+- to choose from in addition to musicological/reference materials. Spotify surely is also amazing, but not as comprehensive as when more share their own unique or esoteric interests.