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Composition Showcase Instructions

Instructions for uploading works to the Composition Showcase (v. 2/23/2014)
Quick access for Internet savvy users:
             Start here:
             Then here: (New Library File)
For those that need the instructions, there are three multi-part steps:
Step 1:  Agree to terms and conditions to receive editor status. READ THEM!
You must agree to the terms and conditions in order to post your works in the Composition Showcase. Click here to read.
To accept, send a message to Jack Senzig.  You may copy and paste the following "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions for use of the Composition Showcase on ChoralNet.  Please make me an editor."   Include your name.
Here is a YouTube tutorial that may be of assistance:
Library:   You will be working in the Library.  Use your browser's back button after you are done looking. Click here to view the Library.  This is just a storage space for your Sound Files and PDFs.  No one but us will probably be looking at it. 
If you are not already an editor, you will be given editor privileges sometime after your message is received.  You cannot upload to the library until you are made an editor.  You can check your editor status by clicking on the "Library" tab in the Composers of Choral Music Community while logged in to ChoralNet.   If you are an editor, the words "New Library File" will appear in the upper right part of your screen.  If you are not an editor, the words will say "Leave this Community," don't click it.  You can also check your status in the "Members" tab.
Uploading to the Library also indicates you have accepted the terms and conditions, but please send the confirmation message above.
Step 2. Upload the sound files and the PDFs to the Library. 
Sound files can be no larger than 6MB you may break large works into multiple files.
Do the following once for the sound file and once for the .PDF
Click on Library in our community. 
Click on "New Library File" 
Type the name of your piece where it says "Title" (Example: Little Red Bird)
     If your piece has a common title, you may include an identifier after it like Little Red Bird -Senzig. Please leave
     That special identifier off when entering the title in the WardsAttic program. 
Click on the "Choose file" button
Select the proper sound file or .PDF from your computer hard drive and click "Choose" (on a Mac) PC ??
                  .mid .midi .mp3 .mpeg .PDF only
There is a little check box below the entry data.  Please do not check it. 
Click on "Submit" button.  If you choose an unacceptable file type it will tell you. 
Repeat for each piece you want to upload.
Step 3. Go to website below to enter data.
CCMC member John Ward has created a method for providing the rest of the information.  You can click here:  This is the way to enter the info as it saves the community owner time on each entry.  If you are an editor and still have problems, message Jack Senzig with the details.  If you have watched the video tutorial, read the instructions, Live in the US and are still having problems, send Jack your phone number and he will set up a time to call you. 
This is the information you will be prompted to provide:
Title of piece, (please do not include special Identifiers. "Ave Maria-Senzig" would be "Ave Maria")
Other Voicing Info**,
Other Instrumentation information****, 
Difficulty(Very Easy,Easy,Medium,Medium Difficult, Difficult),
Composer Last Name, Composer First Name and Middle Initial (optional), 
Cost (indicate per copy made by buyer, per copy made by composer, license to copy X many), Link directly to Purchasing Page (THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL! Link to page on your own website or publisher's site or give e-mail address. Use (at) instead of @ in email addresses. ),
Notes or description-no commas, 
Links-no commas,
*Voicing choices:
Unison, SA, SSA, SSAA, SAB, SATB, TTBB   note SSAATTBB and other mixed divisi still count as SATB.
** Other voicing info(seperate multiple entries by a space-not a comma):
divisi, Solo, Solos, Bass Solo, Baritone Solo, Tenor Solo, Alto Solo, Soprano Solo, Treble Solo, Descant, congregation, cantor, etc.
*** Accompaniment
Piano, Organ, Keyboard, a cappella, Instruments (if no keyboard, elaborate in next category****), Band, Orchestra, String Quartet, etc.
**** Other instrumental information (seperate multiple entries by a space-not a comma)
Rhythm Section, String Bass, Clarinet, Flute, French Horn,Alpen Horn, Bagpipes, Kazoo, Guitar Chords etc.
Members who uploaded to the showcase before 7/3/2012 have already agreed to the terms and conditions by uploading to the library.  These members should review the revisions in the terms and conditions and contact the community owner if they no longer accept them. 
It takes anywhere from an hour to 7 days for your works to appear in the showcase.  If a longer time has expired contact community owner/editor Jack Senzig.  If no response, contact community editor Greg Bartholomew