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Last Chance! Commission Project Ends October 15

The unique, first-time Commission Project comes to a close on October 15.  As of October 7, to our knowledge only 10 of the 34 composers participating in the Project have received commission offers.  There are still 24 composers eagerly waiting to create a special piece of music for a choir.  This offer is open to all choirs and choir directors who have never before commissioned a piece of music.
If you are hesitating for any reason, we encourage you to read two helpful and inspiring things:
A recent (October 2) Choral Buzz piece highlighted the importance of commissioning new choral music, and provided a link to a Choral Journal article that provides advice on how to do it successfully:
A ChoralNet thread provides more advice to those considering commissioning a composer:
So, now is your last chance to commission a special piece of music for your choir at a price you can afford (composers’ fees range from $0 to $100).  All of the details are here:
Come on—give it a try!
Remember, no effort that we make to attain something beautiful is ever lost.”  Helen Keller
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