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beginning male choir repertoire

Greetings everyone,
I teach music classes to grades 6-12.  We are a small American school in Asia and the music program is mine to do what I wish with it.  That said, one of my classes is a group of 22 boys ages 11-17.  I showed them "Music Man" and many of them loved the barbershop quartet.  I know they all love to sing, and all are musical in some way, so I like the idea of starting a male choir in this class.  Of course, barbershop quartet music is likely too advanced for them, especially at a school that has had no previous music program (I am implementing it this year) let alone a tradition of choir.  I just wonder if there is any good music out there for the guys that is 2 or 3 part harmony, similar to elementary choir, but something that is age appropriate for my teens!!
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on December 3, 2013 3:03am
Please check my listing on the ACDA Eastern Division website.  Check under the Repertoire & Standards - Jr. High/Middle School R & S tab.  There is a listing of pieces I recommend for male choruses (scroll down below the mixed chorus listings).  With grades 6-12 I highly suggest at least three part music for unchanged/beginning change, changing, and changed voices.  Best wishes!
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