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Major Work for 6th grade choir?

I am looking for a major work/collection suitable for a 6th grade choir. Preferrably not something sacred, but something of high quality that they can sink their teeth into. It's a small group and 2 parts is realistic.
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on December 20, 2013 6:38am
How about the Nick Page Nursery Rhyme Cantata?  I've done several selections from that set with my 6th graders with much success. 
on December 20, 2013 9:43am
I have written two extended works that might suit.  Each was
written for and premiered by a fifth/sixth grade choir.
Joyful Noise is a group of four settings of insect poems by
Paul Fleischman, from his book of the same title.
    1. Water Striders
    2. The Moth's Serenade
    3.  Requiem
    4.  Cicadas
SA + piano.  They have been published by Brichtmark;
I can send you sample scores and a recording if you wish.  
Emily's Day is a set of six songs to poems of Emily Dickinson.
            1.  Will there really be a morning?
            2.  The robin is the one
            3.  I’m nobody! Who are you?
            4.  A narrow fellow in the grass
            5.  Some keep the Sabbath going to church
            6.  The Cricket sang
Three of these (3,4,6) have been published by Hal Leonard
in a series editted by Henry Leck. If you visit here, you can
see and hear samples.  The other three songs may be obtained 
directly from me.
Brian Holmes
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