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Location: New York, USA
Choir type: Chamber Choirs and Vocal Ensembles
Voicing: Mixed

iBoc debut concerts will present the work of its three inaugural composers at Baruch’s Engelman Recital Hall on March 7th and 8th 2014 at 8 pm. $35.00. $22.00 for students.

Free pre-concert talk at 7:30 pm, March 8th only.



In New York anything can go unnoticed, no matter how big. However, an eclectic group of composers, singers and artists are working together to make sure that their work does not go unnoticed in the Big Apple. Their goal: Producing Brazilian Opera. But what is Brazilian Opera? While the name may indicate a relationship with the country of origin and the nationality of two of the founding composers, iBoc defines itself by its open approach to the genre, an approach that embraces all influences and aims to reach as wide an audience as possible.


The Brazilian experience is about acceptance, it’s about embracing the difference, mixing distant cultures to produce something new. In music this translates into a sophisticated style that speaks to the heart through rhythms that can engage both the mind and the body,” says co-founding composer, Harlem-based João MacDowell.


At the center of this movement for a new style of opera is the friendship of three composers: João MacDowell, Italian-born Luigi Porto and Rio de Janeiro native Thiago Tiberio. Albeit their differences, they share an approach to classical music with a strong background in popular and jazz music. Half-jokingly they claim to be saving opera from boredom.


MacDowell’s first opera Tamanduá, was the first Portuguese-language opera produced in the United States. Infused with traditional Brazilian music and full of haunting melodies, the show sold out all performances in 2008. Following iBoc’s concert debut MacDowell will be flying to Brazil for the premiere his symphony, "Um Sonho Brasileiro,” in his native Brasilia on March 18 with the Orquestra Sinfonica do Teatro Nacional under the baton of Claudio Cohen. The same piece is scheduled for preformances through April with the Orquestra Sinfonica UniCamp in São Paulo, conducted by Cinthia Alirete.


iBoc formally organized in 2013 when the three composers along with a group of devoted artists realized that they needed to create their own company to have the artistic integrity that only comes through independent and diligent labor. iBoc aims to add new voices to the independent classical music scene.


As their inaugural effort, iBoc will be presenting a concert series with scenes from four operas by the founding composers:

"O Sonho de Ianadi", an aria from "Watunna—A criação do mundo segundo os índios do Orinoco", opera in Portuguese by Thiago Tiberio

"Provvisorietá (Provisoriedade)" an aria from "Anita" opera in Italian and Portuguese by Luigi Porto, libretto by Andrea Amoroso

"I Don't Want to Die" a trio from "Cries and Whispers", opera in Portuguese and English by Joao MacDowell

12 scenes from from "Tamanduá – A Brazilian Opera" in Portuguese and English by João MacDowell


We hope that you will consider listing this event in your publication or consider covering the event in March. All composers are available for interviews.


More info at:

High-resolution photographs available upon request.

The Engelman Recital Hall is a 175-seat acoustically-sound concert hall located at 55 Lexington Ave., NYC.  The audience uses the entrance on E. 25th St. between Lexington & 3rd Aves.  




Contact Name: Christina Morgan


Phone: 718-309-7588


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