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Help Find Folk Music

I've been searching for a book of folk music that I used to perform in a Catholic Church in the late 70's.   It was by a "Father Paul" (don't remeber the last name), and it included The Lord's Prayer.
Can anyone help me with locating the music or even any additional information on the composer?
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on February 20, 2014 8:30am
I found a "Lord's Prayer" by Paul Quinlan, S.J. in a copy of the "Hymnal for Young Christians" published by F.E.L. Church Publications.
on February 21, 2014 5:30am
Thanks, unfortunately it is a different Father Paul.
on February 21, 2014 6:26am
Most likely it might be, as sugested by Mr. Rasch, FEL Publications. This compnay is out of business and new re-prints of FEL music books are unavailable, making it scarce. 
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