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The Julius Herford Dissertation Prize:
Each year the Julius Herford Prize Subcommittee of the Research and Publications Committee accepts nominations for the outstanding doctoral terminal research project in choral music.   Projects are eligible if they comprise the principal research component of the degree requirements, whether the institution defines the project as a “dissertation,” “document,” “thesis,” or “treatise,” etc.  
When a dissertation may be nominated:
                The prize name indicates the year in which the relevant doctoral degree was conferred.
                Dissertations must be nominated in the calendar year following the year in which the degree was conferred.
                The prize is awarded in the calendar year following the year of nomination. 
The award:
The winner will be awarded a $1000.00 cash prize and a plaque.  The committee reserves the right to award two prizes or no prizes in any given year.
Nomination Requirements and Procedure:
1. An institution may submit only one document for that year’s prize.  In the event that there are two nominations of equal merit from one school, the letter from the Dean, Director or Chair of the music school (described below) must justify the additional nomination.
The submitting faculty member, institution and/or the writer must be currently a member of ACDA in good standing.
2. To nominate a dissertation send, by US mail:
                A)   A signed letter from the Dean, Director or Chair of the music school recommending that the dissertation be considered for the Herford prize.  (Letters from the Chair of the Choral area are not acceptable.)  The letter must include the following information:
                                the name of the student
                                the year in which that student’s degree was granted
                                the full title of the dissertation
                B)   An abstract of the dissertation, from which any material identifying the student or institution has been removed.
                C)   An unbound copy of the dissertation (it may be double-sided). Excepting the title page, any material that identifies the student or the institution must be excised from the document before it is submitted.
                D)  The full name, title and contact information for the faculty member making the submission and the
                full name, current position(s) and contact information for the dissertation’s author (USPS address, email address and phone number(s)).
3. The dissertation and accompanying materials must be received at the national office (address below) by the date announced below (and in the Choral Journal and on the website).  Faxed material will not be accepted.
4. All materials must be submitted together in one envelope.
If one or more of these requirements is not met, the dissertation will be eliminated from consideration. 
Nominations for the 2013 Julius Herford Dissertation Prize must be received between Jan 1 and June 1, 2014. 
Note that this deadline is earlier than in previous years.
Mail applications to:
Craig Gregory

ACDA National Office

545 Couch Drive

Oklahoma City, OK 73102-2207
phone: 405/232-8161-5328;