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Pronouncing Middle/Old Irish

Hi - I am trying to find pronunciation for Bill Whelan's "Shivna".  It is in Old Irish (or maybe Middle Irish). Ideally I would like to find an auditory file of the pronunciation as well as an IPA file. Anyone have any leads?  I have found this, which is very helpful but is not ideal: 
on March 26, 2014 7:35am
You have several decisions to make here.  First, the Whelan text is a modernization at best (traditionalists might say travesty), starting with the nonsense syllables, which are most certainly not Old or Middle Irish.  Second, the lg o f the text is LATE Middle Irish, so even if it started out as Old Irish, Murphy's edited text is mixed.  I taught OIr for decades and have a little MnIr, so can't be a lot of help unless you want to reconstruct an Urtext--not an easy or wise choice, I think.  And in any case, ANY form of Irish is not easy because of linguistic reasons.  I'd suggest trying to find a speaker of Irish and just use a modern pronunciation.
If you want to pursue this further with me, come back and I will get you my direct contact info.
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