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Conference Morsel: Fostering Diverse Musicians

(An excerpt from the interest session “Music 5: Fostering Diverse Musicians Beyond the Performance,” presented by Reid Larsen during the 2014 ACDA North Central Division Conference)
         Music 5 is a comprehensive approach to giving students the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in music beyond middle school, allowing for more individualized assessments and teacher contact.
     As a middle-level choral music educator, I wanted to break the stereotype of singers and musicians being mutually exclusive terms. I was tired of having classes of 50 plus and not knowing my students as musicians, as well as spending so much time developing the concert without developing the musician.
The classroom routine includes 5 different activities. During the activities, the students work with me in small groups or voice parts. If they are not working directly with me they are off on their own working on various music literacy, composition, or skill development activities. This classroom schedule maximizes everyone’s time on task, lets me hear students on a more individualized basis, and keeps students engaged throughout the rehearsal.
Music 5
  1. Ensemble Music (whole group)
    1. Vocal warm-ups
    2. Introducing new concepts or repertoire
    3. Concert repertoire
  2. Chamber Music (small groups with the director)
    1. Small group work
    2. Assess problems and learning
    3. Re-teaching
  3. Music Writing (independent)
    1. Journaling
    2. Repertoire Reflection
    3. Composing/Arranging
  4. Listen to Music (independent)
    1. Vocal models
    2. Music to excite
    3. Music for thinking
  5. SLAM! (Smart Like A Musician––independent)
    1. Vocabulary work
    2. Skills work
    3. Theory
    4. Music History