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Conference Morsel: Conductors as Athletes

(An excerpt from the interest session “Stretching a Point: Getting Through Your Athletic Life as a Choral Director,” presented by Jenelle Andrews and Bruce Browne during the 2014 ACDA Northwestern Division Conference)
       Dr. Andrews presented, via power point and hands on, working with members in attendance, various strategies for  preventing tension and injury that impinge on the choral director during rehearsal and performance.
       She emphasized prevention and remediation of accumulated tension. She first focused on posture, then shoulders and back. She demonstrated use of the foam roll,  the “body back buddy”, the cone, and other tools of the kenesiologist’s trade, how to use these tools autonomously on a daily basis. She also showed several modes of stretching different muscle groups for prevention of tension.
       There were a great many questions following this presentation.  She was subsequently invited to present in Chicago and other points in the country.
       Based on response and interactive trials during this presentation,  I believe such a session should be offered at the National level.