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Coro Santa Monica

Category: Choirs with Religious Affiliation
Voicing: Mixed
Location: Rome, Italy
The Santa Monica polyphonic choral association was founded in 1975 by Maestro Attilio Pressenda and a group of people driven by a passion for singing.
The long presence in the Roman coast places it among the oldest choirs of Lazio. Currently consists of about forty non-professional singers .
Its repertoire is constantly renewed and includes sacred and profane classical music, pieces from musicals, spirituals.
The choir takes its name from Santa Monica parish in Ostia Lido (Rome), to which the choir offers liturgical service during the religious ceremonies .
The Santa Monica's choir has performed concerts in the major churches and basilicas of Rome, of Lazio and beyond the region and in many other places and circumstances often related to initiatives of human solidarity.
Since 2001, the choir is directed by Marcello Cangialosi. The choir is part of the Regional Association of Choirs of Lazio (ARCL).
Recent activities include: participation in the TV program "The Song of us" on TV2000 (an Italian national channel related to the Italian Church), the animation of the Mass in Latin at the Basilica of St. John Lateran, participation at the European feast of music: " Corinfesta ".. and many other.
The choir organizes every year in spring "Mare in canto ... ", a choral festival that involves choirs from the Roman coast and inland.