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Are you interested in Brazilian music?

Hello. I have a question, specially for conductors looking for new repertoire.
I intend to start a music publishing company of brazilian composers here in Brazil and I would like to know if choirs in United States would be interested to buy and perform brazilian music. I don't know any comercial company here doing that, thus the process to get a score sometimes is slow and I want to facilitate that process.
Thank you for your time,
Filipe Fonseca
on July 4, 2014 9:52am
Filipe- eu tenho muito interesse nisso. Conte comigo.
on July 4, 2014 10:33am
Hi Filipe
What a great idea, hope you will have some SSA arrangements. It would be wonderful to see more independent music publishers offering a broader assortment of music!
on July 4, 2014 12:49pm
Dear Filiipe,
my name is César and I write from Burgos (Spain).
Your question is clear and quick. The answer is also clear and quick, in Spain there are many choirs willing brazilian music, due to lyrics, armony, rithm,...then in case you go ahead with your project, in Spain it will be also wellcomed.
Let me explain better what I have said.
In the last  year there has been some choirs working on brazilian repertoire. I know one, his name is Coral de Cámara Vadillos, in Burgos. They have worked "Tema de amor de Gabriela", "Berimbao", and "Tres cantos de los indios krao". All of them cover a different view of brazilian music. Public has paid attention to this music, and there are some records in Youtube.
In adition to this, there was a local composer that took a brazilian lyric (by Avelina Noronha, Conselheiro Laffaiete), and made a nice song "A ilusao da lua" (available in Youtube, the composer is César Zumel). This song was scheduled in the same repertoire trying to link spanish authors and Brazil.
Then Spain would be prepared to ask for brazilian music. I consider Brazil as a powerfull country, plenty of energy, plenty of big projects, consolidated country, and ready to receive choral brazilian music.
This is my opinion,
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on July 5, 2014 4:07am
Hello, Filipe -- I have taught several courses at Brazilian universities about working with adolescent choirs.  One of the resources I found was the choral repertoire project funded by the Brazilian government, Projecto Corol:
I find the repertorie very interesting, and some of it is of high quality. The main problem is the overwhelming amount of Portuguese text.  If you do consider writing for American audiences, please 1) limit the amount of text in your pieces, 2) provide a phonetic transcription (pronunciation guide), and 3) adhere to voicing norms of American publishers, especially for choirs involving adolescents.
I look forward to your work!

Take care,
Patrick K. Freer
Georgia State University
on July 5, 2014 6:29am
Hi Filipe. this is a great idea as American conductors are always looking for new repertoire from abroad. I know of two publishers: Earthsongs, and Cantus Quercus, who are currently publishing some Brazilian music for choirs in the US. It would be very good to have still more. I speak Portuguese and am connected to a couple of Brazilian choir directors working here in the US. If I can help you don't hesitate to be in touch. 
All the best ,
Joshua Habermann
Conductor, Dallas Symphony Chorus
Music Director, Santa Fe Desert Chorale
on July 6, 2014 6:15am
I am very interested in Brazilian music -- I only wish I spoke the language.  About 20 years ago, after a great deal of research, I was able to acquire the rights to create a transcription of a song by Gaetano Veloso.  The title is Um canto do afoxe para o Bloco do Ile (I think sometimes called, simply, Ile aye).  I'm sure you must have heard of it, as I'm told that it was very popular in Brazil in the 60's & 70's(and beyond)...and in many places  is still well-known.  The tune has haunted me for many years -- a cappella; rich yet very simple choral harmonies accompany a solo voice;  light, driving, African percussion in the background.  With all this, unfortunately, the language barrier held me back from completing an accurate transcription. The project has never been completed.  I write this to ask you if such an arrangement/transcription(faithful to Veloso's original) of  Ile aye now exists. I believe that many choral directors would perform this if only it were published -- it is simply beautiful music. To choristers reading this, please enter this title on youtube to hear several performances of the song. Hopefully you'll agree that a published arrangement is needed!
on July 10, 2014 9:20am
Thanks all for your response. I am going to write some musics from brazilian composers in public domain and make it available for you to see the quality of my work. When I finish that I will let you know here (it may take a while).
And I would appreciate more answers to know what musicians expect from a music publishing (in the point of view of customers).
Thanks again,
Filipe Fonseca
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