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Awards VIII International Amadeus Choral Composition Contest

Location: Spain



The awards to the “Best composition with an Extremenian topic” went to Italy and the shortlisted works come from to New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico and Spain. The Amadeus Awards were declared null and void.

In the evening of June 19th 2014, the Association Amadeus Choir of Puebla de la Calzada made public their awards in the VIIIth edition of the International Amadeus Contest of Choral Composition.

The event took place in the meeting hall of Diputación de Badajoz and was attended by Ms Milagros Rodicio, director of Government of Extremadura's CEMART (Consejería de Educación y Cultura).

After counting up the votes given by ten members of a jury coming from Europe and America in several qualifying rounds, the results were as follows:

In modalities A and B: The International Amadeus Awards in Choral Composition were delcared null and void.

The Best Composition with an Extremanian Topic Award in modality B (single voice) went to Pajarito que cantas, under the pseudonym of “Évolo” by Italian composer Giuseppe di Bianco

The Best Composition with an Extremanian Topic Award in the modality of mixed voices went to Tengan uhtêh buenah noche(s), submitted under the pseudonym of “Hahahel17” also by Giuseppe di Bianco.

The secretary of the International Amadeus Contest of Choral Composition, as stated by the jury's assessment, shortlisted the following ones as works of interest t(in alphabetical order):

In modality B (single voices):

.-Ave Maris Stella (pseudonym: Venancio Fortunato) by José Antonio Galindo Alonso (Spain, Madrid)

.-Duerme, mi niño (pseudonym: Delia) by Dante Andreo (Argentina)

.-Pirata de mar y cielo (pseudonym: Lucerna) by Luis Barroso Plaza (Spain, Madrid)

.-Plegaria (pseudonym: Nazarí) by Luis Barroso Plaza (Spain, Madrid)

.-Puer natus est nobis (pseudonym: Gregoriano a modo) by José Antonio Galindo Alonso (Spain, Madrid)


In modality A (mixed voices)

.-Agnus Dei (pseudonym: Yeltra) by Christopher Artley (New Zealand)

.-Amicitia (pseudonym: Valsier) by Fernando López Blanco (Spain, León)

.-Ascendit Dei (pseudonym: Urtex) by Javier Martínez Campos (Spain, living in Germany)

.-Ave María (pseudonym: Yeltra) by Christopher Artley (New Zealand)

.-Dos cuerpos (pseudonym: El vállense) by Julio César Morales Pineda (Mexico)

.-La tarde sobre los tejados (pseudonym: Ockeghem1976) by Francisco José Herrero Cabrera (Spain, Canary Islands)


All the details (works, composers, artistic career and relatonship with the CIACC) will be shortly uploaded on the of the contest's section within Amadeus's website:

During the Award Ceremony, the mixed group of the Amadeus Choir performed works, most of them from previous editions of the CIACC; among them, Agnus Dei by Francisco J. Carbonell, which was premiered at that time.

The artistic director of Amadeus, Alonso Gómez Gallego, invited some former singers of the choir, who attended the event, to join in for the grande finale. They acquiesced to the proposal and took part in the performance of the last two works included in the programme.


Programme performed by Amadeus in the concert-gala:  

.-Spanish folk songs by Alejandro Yagüe

.-O sacrum convivium by Miguel E. Astor

.-Agnus Dei de Francisco J. Carbonell (premier)

.-La guerra, madre by Carles Prat

.-¿Ondi jueron? by Rubén García

.-La Virgen iba a lavar by Rubén García

.-Dulcissima Maria by Dante Andreo

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