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Church Choir needs accompaniment by handbells alone

I am looking for adult sacred choral music (SATB or 2-pt mixed or SAB or ATB) accompanied only by handbells, not keyboard or other instruments.  Any suggestions?
Many thanks!
on July 11, 2014 3:35am
This uses only two bells - basically to help the choir's tuning, but it has a nice effect.
on July 11, 2014 4:59am
I have two things that might interest you. One is an arrangement of A Great and Mighty Wonder (simple). Christmas. The other is actually an arrangement of The Water is Wide (medium). There are sacred texts that have been adapted to that melody. It would be easy to substitute those words if that is of interest. see
on July 11, 2014 9:54am
Dear Karen,
I have a serious work, "The Mixed Blessings," interweaving both sets of the Beatitudes, accompanied by full handbell choir. IHere is a description:
The Mixed Blessings            13'
SATB (divisi)
high baritone and/or low tenor solo,
handbells (or vibr, glock)
Text: Matthew/Luke
A ritualized, dramatic dialectic illuminating the paradoxical contradictions of the two sets of Blessings (and Woes) attributed to the Christ. Formalized semi-medieval quasi-Anglican-style start and end, one angry climax, one romantic climax on the word God. Punctuations, ostinatos, flashes of divine light from handbells. Medium singing difficulty, needs thorough rehearsal; modern tonal throughout.
My wesbsite is down for maintenance right now, but I can email you a perusal score and and MP3 of excerpts if you wish. Just let me know.
I publish in inexpensive .pdf with a modest photocopy fee. And I offer educational discount.
Please contact me off-list if this work is of interest.
David Avshalomov
Composer, Singer, Conductor
Santa Monica, CA
American Prize 2014, Triple Finalist, Band, Chamber, and Orchestral Composition (finals pending) 
TheC7Prize (Canada) 2014 (2 choral works)
VoxNova 15 Minutes of Fame Series, 2 awards, 2014
American Prize 2013, Choral and Orchestral Composition, Dual Finalist
American Prize 2012, Orchestral Composition, Special Citation Winner
Winner, Sul Ross State University, TX, Wind Ensemble Composition Contest 2013
Winner, Hillcrest Wind Ensemble (San Diego) Composition Contest 2013 (Second Prize)
Winner, “Polifonija” Sacred Choral Music Competition 2013, Siauliai State Chamber Choir, Lithuania (Second Prize)
ACDA Silver Platter Award 2012 for Choral Repertoire of Outstanding Quality
Project : Encore, Schola Cantorum/Hudson, Recommended Choral Work of Exceptional Merit 2012
on July 11, 2014 3:12pm
Take a look at this arrangement of "Come Ye Sinners. Poor and Needy" done by Kathryn S Bonner.  Published by Exaltation with the identifying info  LO.10-3491L
You can hear it online....(plus view opening pages) Sheet Music a search on the title, adding SATB.   Do not be misled by the cover, which lists accompaniment keyboard along with is actually keyboard OR handbells.  Our choir has sung it several times with handbells's quite a fine arrangement, and, after it gets going, uses the voices and handbells pretty well equally.
Hope this is helpful.
Margaret Blackwell
Lady of Leisure after many years as Music Director TRUMC :-))
on July 11, 2014 7:57pm
What is the range of your handbell set?  Top & bottom notes?  Fully chromatic (all "black keys" and "white keys"?)
on July 12, 2014 12:37am
"Jerusalem, My Happy Home" (LAND OF REST), SAB, 3 handbells (F, Bb, C), arr. Russell Schulz-Widmar
on July 12, 2014 7:21am
Kevin McChesney's "Sing We Now of Christmas/Now the Green Blade Riseth" is available for handbells alone or for handbells with choir.  Martha Lynn Thompson has arranged Natalie Sleeth's "Joy in the Morning" to match the choral version.
on July 12, 2014 8:27am
Thank you so much!  I've mined the ACDA repertoire forum for years, but this was my first post, and I should have included more detail - sorry!
We have three full chromatic octaves of bells, but I am interested in pieces that use far fewer bells as well.
I had found one piece at St. James Music Press that my Summer Choir loves, a simple setting of Holy Manna for 2-part mixed voices and 5 bells (you'll have to create a free log-in to see and hear it on the SJMP website).
I'm new to this job. The choir hasn't done much a cappella singing. They are capable of doing so, but have some anxiety.  The light bell accompaniment gives them a feeling of being unaccompanied but some extra security in tuning. And it gives me a chance to get off the organ bench and fully conduct the group
Thanks again; more suggestions welcome!
on July 12, 2014 10:23am
Selah Publishing has a number of anthems accompanied by handbells. Find the listing at
Note especially
You may download review copies of the anthems at these pages.
David Schaap, president
Selah Publishing Co., Inc.
on July 13, 2014 5:31am
Come Thou, Lord, Creator Spirit - Jeffrey H. Rickard
on July 13, 2014 6:17am
Be Thou my vision - Jeffrey H. Rickard
on July 13, 2014 8:01am
I have a nice simple SAB arrangement of "Of the Father's Love Begotten" that I wrote for small choir and just a few bellringers (I think it's 8 bells).  If you'd like a pdf to peruse, just send me a private message.
on July 14, 2014 4:56am
Hi Karen, i haven't read all the replies, but I guess you have been offered something similar to what I am going to offer you. I direct both, a chamber choir and a 5 octaves handbells choirs. Occasionally I do joint performances, specially at Chrsitmas time. I have arranged many works to suit my interests, I get  commission works very often, specially by my own choir members. My point is, I can make a "bells only" accompaniment for any song you need, because I know the bells technique and as I told you before I have directed bells for about 10 years.  I will be happy to assist you on this project. You can browse some of my handbell music  (arrangements and compositions) at
Thank you,
David Nino
on July 14, 2014 5:03am
Check with Jeffers Handel's. They will be able to assist you. Very knowledgeable staff.
on July 14, 2014 9:45am
Choristers Guild has a new setting by Tom Shelton of Christina Rossetti's Lo! Newborn Jesus, for SATB choir with either children's choir or soloist, accompanied by either piano & handbells or handbells alone.  The choral octavo code is CGA1369 Lo! Newborn Jesus, Shelton, and the Handbell Score is CGA863.  At the link above you can hear the demo recording and see the sheet music sample if you are interested.  The demo recording includes the piano, but it sounds very sweet with the handbells only.
on July 21, 2014 8:46am
Hello Karen,
Check out "Spring Carol", which is actually an arrangement of Fairest Lord Jesus arr. by Russell Schultz=Widmar.  It is set for SAB and four handbells which act as an ostinato.  The bell pitches are D, E, G, A.  The summer choir at my church perfromed it a week ago, and it is very effective.  It is published By Agape, #RS 7729.
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