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Wenger FLEX TechBridge and Accessories

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Like new Wenger Flex TechBridge with top shelf.
This is a four-foot TechBridge.  VERY sturdily constructed!  I understand it weighs over 40 pounds, and it is made of cast iron and sturdy steel. 
Adjustable height.  Wheels on one end make movement very easy. 
Top shelf measures 18 X 24 inches and is suitable for computer or whatever you need to set there.
I listed this before, but the unanswered questions were:
1. What is the price
2.  How much is the shipping.
Let's start the price at $100.  I think this rig is around $300 as is new.  Shipping?  I finally am getting it boxed and will stop by UPS on the way home to get an estimate.  I'll pick a zip code about 500 miles away to get a round number.  Shipping will vary depending on distance.  It will require 3 boxes to properly pack due to odd sizes of the components.  
I'm retired now and simply do not need this unit at my church.  I assembled it when new, but never used it.
Questions are welcome, as are offers.
Wenger Flex TechBridge and Accessory
Thanks for looking.  I should have shipping charges later today.