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Query re music on saints' names

Dear Colleagues,
For a future (secular, concert hall) program that will include a new work on St. Cecilia, I'm seeking suggestions for mixed choral works whose text-subjects have something to do with particular saints.
Length - 5' to 45'
Instrumentation - can be 0 to 20 players (new work is 1 perc/org/str 0-0-0-4-1)
Soloists - can include 1 each STB
Language - any
Style period - late Baroque to mid-20th century
Of course I've already thought of Purcell and Handel on St. Cecilia, also Britten and Howells on same. I'd really like to have something or things on other saints.
Unfortunately, I am unable to consider new or recent works for this program.
Many thanks in advance for your suggestions.
Best regards,
Jerome Hoberman
Music Director/Conductor, The Hong Kong Bach Choir & Orchestra
on July 21, 2014 8:10am
Assuming you aren't considering pieces named after saints (St. Nicholas mass, Saint Patrick's Breastplate) or whose text was (allegedly) written by them (Prayer of St. Francis), here's what springs to mind:
  • Britten, Hymn of St. Columba
  • Mendelssohn, St. Paul
  • Tippett, The Vision of St. Augustine
  • Charpentier, La Reniement de St. Pierre
  • Peter Maxwell Davies, Carol on St. Steven
Of course Mary and Joseph are considered saints, as are all the apostles, so that opens up many other possiblities.
on July 21, 2014 11:01am
Britten: St Nicholas
on July 21, 2014 1:42pm
Get a score to Virgil Thompson's Four Saints in Three Acts and do
some passages for solo and chorus.  How many saints are there in it?
More than a score.  How many acts are there in it?  Only four.
on July 22, 2014 5:23am
Poulenc's Four Little Prayers of St. Francis for unaccompanied men is wonderful, but challenging.  If you would like to introduce some humor into your concert, you should look at Daniel Pinkham's The Saints Preserve Us, a little cantata for SATB and piano that celebrates such unlikely saints as St. Aquacia (the patron saint of washing machines) and St. Canaria (patron saint of Sopranos).  It is a hoot.
Bruce Borton
on July 24, 2014 8:25pm
Good Evening:
I wrote a "Cantata" based on various saints and holy people as found in a piece of religious art work hanging in my former church. It's called "A Saintly Celebration" and was written for SATB, organ, soloists, and narrator. The saints covered are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, as well as Michael, Gabriel, Mary, Joseph and Jesus.  The work opens with an organ fugue based on the plainsong tune "Sponsa Christi", followed by hymn-like settings of texts based on each of the above characters. You could do excerpts from it because it is longer than your required 45 minutes. 
Bob Grandy / Minister of Music
Trinity United Church,
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada      
on July 27, 2014 2:47am
Many thanks to Allen Simon, John Wexler, Brian Holmes, Bruce Borton and Robert Grandy for their thoughtful and interesting suggestions. I'm still working on it...
Best regards,
Jerome Hoberman
Music Director/Conductor, The Hong Kong Bach Choir & Orchestra
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