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Need SATB arrangements of Chicago (band) classics

My community chorus CANTATE GUAM is doing a 15th anniversary fundraiser with a Chicago tribute band. There are many arrangements of Chicago hits BUT they are now P.O.P.  Any help getting these or other arrangements will be GREATLY appreciated!
on July 24, 2014 7:17am
I am also looking for full band and SATB arrangements of the same.
on July 25, 2014 9:06am
Hal Leonard has a two volume collection of a good number of Chicago tunes written out in full score. Vocal parts, instrumental parts, the whole shot. Some are hits, some are B-sides, but it's a pretty good collection. The vocal parts are basically what was on a given recording. Not a lot of SATB, mostly three parts, plus a lead. None the less, I found it quite helpful when we did a Chicago thing a few years ago with my choir.   
Good luck!!
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