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"Music! Words! Opera!" curriculum in MS?

Hi all, 
This isn't EXACTLY Choral-related, but it's close and so I thought I'd ask.  I'm considering the "Music! Words! Opera!" resource by Opera America, but wanted to see if any colleagues had used it previously and had a review of it for me.  I'm planning to use it for 6th graders in general music, but don't want it to bore them or be too "kiddie" for their oh-so-sophisticated selves ;)
Any thoughts?  Thanks!!
-Matt :)
Matthew Hill
Ithaca College Alumnus, B.Mus. in Music Education (Voice), 2003

West Chester University of PA, M. Mus in Music Education (Choral Conducting), 2012
Choral Music Teacher, Fugett Middle School, West Chester ASD 
Composer, 2012 ACDA-Lehigh University New American Choral Music Forum
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