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Names for Choirs

I have been directing a Mixed Choir (non-auditioned) and a Concert Choir (auditioned group) at my high school the past 10 years. This coming fall we are moving to a 7 period day and I was finally able to talk my principal into splitting the Mixed Choir into 2 gender choirs. So...I will have a Women's Choir, Men's Choir & Concert Choir. I think this would be a great time to create some new names for all my ensembles. I plan on giving them a chance to come up with some of their own ideas, but I wanted to have a few ideas to share with them first. Let me know if you have any favorite choir names for a Women's group, Men's group & upper level Concert Choir. 
on July 28, 2014 12:45pm
Just be careful that you don't select any "trendy" names which are not easily understood by your public or which are inflexible - your memberships may change, and a particularly masculine or feminine sounding name could become an issue.  I would also advise away from musical terms which can be "foreign" to your audience.  Whatever tradition you start, you will have to live with!  :-)  Good luck on this - it could be a neat experience for the choir members or it could be very divisive.
on July 29, 2014 8:20am
When we were trying to come up with a name, we had everyone brainstorm on their own and put their ideas into the kitty. We then posted those and everyone could choose their favorite five. From those we selected our favorite three. Then from those we voted for one. Majority ruled, but people were allowed to explain why they liked or didn't like certain names. It can be a somewhat tedious process but everybody gets really invested and it helps build group cohesion.
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on July 30, 2014 12:26am
Dear Camilla:
Names I've invented, or heard of and liked include:
Euphony Choir (my Jackson HS top level mixed choir)
Jenny Lind Choir or Chorus (my Jackson HS female chorus)
Singing Troubadours (Men's chorus)
Detroit Concert Chorale (my own founded group; mixed chorus)
Tea and Minstrelsy (my own name for a  small women's chorus at U. of NH)
Cappella Antiqua Frankfort (my small madrigal sized group in KY)
You might begin with your HS's name or it's "mascot" or team name: Say it's Morningside HS:  "Morningside Singing Scholars" for the top-level mixed choir
A men's quartet name I came up with (could be a large male chorus also)  "Titleleists"  Not to be confused with the golf ball trade name or hat.
Something distinctive and strong and not common is preferable.  Some word defining the school, the area, the town, or the like is good.
I'd avoid "Glee Club", "Chorale", "Chorus", as really overworked;  Something like "Singers" "Songsters" "Voices of (or "from") _________ name of school. Good.
If you can make the name roll off the tongue melodically,  or have a poetic touch in the consonants, number of syllables, etc. that is great.
My own chorus took years to invent a name; came to me suddenly one day; instead of both my names, just my first name: thus:  "StephenSingers
 Thus if your school is "Morningside HS" you would have:  "Morningside Singers"
A couple of random shots in the dark:  for the men's group:  "Men of Note";  for women's chorus:  (The)" Grace Notes".   Off the top:  for mixed chorus:  perhaps
"Voce Harmonique"   yes, it's foreign words but easy to understand:  "Vocal Harmonies" or "Harmonic Voices"; it's classy.
Thanks for letting me ramble on endlessly Choral.Net and Camilla;  Your name is musical "Camilla"  almost like Orff's "Cantulli Carmina". 
Have fun in your quest - you might do as one person said: have everyone drop slips with names in the hat;  narrow it down to top 3.  Then vote on the final one.
In your case - if it's feasible -- you might open the final tally to the whole school, or just the entire art and music and dance-drama people. 
(Just don't let it be so big a chore or tedious that it boils down to strife and discontent.  'nuf said.  S Klyce
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