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Translation of "Hanget Soi" by Heikki Sarmanto

Does anyone have a translation of Heikki Sarmanto's "Hanget Soi (Singing Snow)"? I am looking for a word-for-word translation as well as a poetic translation.
Many thanks,
Lindsay Pope
Director of Choral Ensembles
Mount Holyoke College
on August 1, 2014 3:00am
The poem is by Eino Leino, an absolute magician of a poet, from the collection Yökehrääjä 1897. His poems are often incredibly musical, and this one is no exception. Here is a word-for-word quick translation.
Hanget soi, hanget soi, - literally, hanget is a plural (the snows) and soi is to resound
[the snow is singing]
jo kevät yli kenttien tuulee.
[Spring is already blowing across the fields]
Rintani lyö, rintani käy, - lit. rinta = breast, käydä = to walk
[my heart is beating, my heart is in motion]
taas sieltä jo kuohua kuulee.
[once again you can hear it rushing] - lit. kuohua = to foam, as in a river foaming
Hanget soi, hanget soi,
jo loppuvi talven valta.
[now ends the might of winter],
Pyytehet pursuvi syömessäin
[Desires burst forth from my heart]
taas vuosien roudan alta.
[after many years of frost] - routa = groud frost
Hanget soi, hanget soi
ne Suomehen kevättä soittaa
[they peal the coming of Spring to Finland], lit. soittaa = to play
Toivo jo uus, usko jo uus
[hope renewed, faith renewed]
läpi murheeni muistojen koittaa.
[is awakened through the memory of my sorrows], I think the idea is that hope and faith are reborn and glow through a bank of memories of sorrows
Hanget soi, hanget soi,
ne soittavat Pohjan häitä.
[they sing the wedding of the North]
Riemujen leivoset lemmestäin
[the larks of joy, of my love]
jo laittavat laulunpäitä.
[now sing snippets of song] - lit. laulunpää = the end of a song, perhaps the beginning of a song
Hanget soi, hanget soi,
kevät saapuvi tuoksuvin tuulin.
[the Spring arrives with fragrant winds]
Rintani lyö, rintani käy,
[my heart is beating, my heart is in motion]
niin jäässä jo olevan luulin.
[even though I thought I was completely frozen] lit. so frozen I thought I was
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