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Renovating Choral Library

Does anyone have any suggestions/images about renovating/rebuilding a choral library? I've started a new position at a community college which has about 1000 entries. Some music is in boxes, some in old fashioned pull out metal drawers....
I'm looking to making sure that the older music is preserved, and the new music is well organized and remains in new condition. The room/space is air conditioned but there is moisture in the room, and subsequently ruined music...and spider webs...and moldy boxes....
It's about an 8 by 12 foot room. Any/all suggestions for cabinets, boxes, organization would be much appreciated.
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on August 4, 2014 4:15am
I can't give you any suggestions on the organization since I'm still trying to figure that out myself, but I can help with the moisture.  I inherited a bio hazard once in a middle school.  I lost almost all of the instrument cases and some woodwinds due to mold.  Apparently the mold growth happened every year in the storage room that was about the same size as your room.  I decided to place disposable roasters filled with plain BBQ charcol on the top of the cabinets (about 4 pans) and left the lights on during the hotter months.  I didn't have a mold problem after that.  I'm thinking about doing this again in my choral storage room this week.
I hope this helps you out a little.
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on August 4, 2014 12:41pm
Very interesting, Heather....never thought of that...definitely worth considering...
on August 5, 2014 6:27am
Ideally, I'd use something like this:
However, many programs simply use File Cabnets and with evelopes.  As to the moisture problem, I can't help you there as I've never had that issue.
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on August 28, 2014 9:45am
I have that particlar system and I will tell you that when it is full of music it is VERY heavy to pull ourt and if you don't have shoulder/back issues, you will.  After using it for 3 years, I can honestly say that I hate it.   If I could choose a shelf system for the library, it would be this type:
They move much easier. 
on August 27, 2014 11:33am
We recently moved our library to a bedroom-sized room. The storage method is Pendaflex folders in Pendaflex-sized boxes, 18" deep. The folders just go over the sides of the boxes. The boxes are on steel commercial-grade wire racks from Costco. The ventilation seems very good.
Bill Paisner
Director, Southwest Women's Chorus
on August 29, 2014 8:29am
Please check out Wenger as I have used those storage systems exclusively in my choral programs-both with built in cabinets and free standing pull out cabinets-which is what I prefer.   Also, JW Pepper has excellent resources for choral management with folios and boxes and it's fairly inexpensive.  I think if you speak to Wenger, they might have suggestions with your humidity problems. I'm not sure what your budget is, but this is a great place to start!
Good luck!
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