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A Virtual Choir, but not Eric's

I received a wonderful "tweet" from Homar Sánchez Díaz, who was bragging on the Virtual Choir video that he and his students created. I thought it was very impressive - see what you think:
This project was made by students, age 13-15.
A few Facts & Numbers:
-30 artists -200 film takes
-12 video hours recorded -900 minutes of audio recorded
200 sound takes 
150Gb of files and data
-12000 views in the first month 
Look here for a lot more information.
on March 28, 2015 4:47pm
So great to see young, talented singers spending their time on something so valuable.
I just participated in a new virtual choir from Denmark, called World Peace Choir
I like their message world peace. Just what we need.
I have a feeling they will soon be starting their second piece.
Best regards,