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ENSEMBLE COMPANIO: Openings for BASSES and BARITONES living in New England/Mid-Atlantic regions

Location: New England/Mid-Atlantic, Pennsylvania, USA
Calling all BASSES and BARITONES!
Ensemble Companio is a 24-voice, professional-quality volunteer choir with BI/BII openings for its 2014-15 season.  Founded in 2011, we won the 2012 American Prize in choral performance (community division) on the strength of a live recording of our debut concert.  We perform repertoire from all eras and of many styles.  This year's concert program, Love's Faces, features music by Josquin, Duruflé, Arcadelt, and Lars-Erik Larsson, as well as arrangements of traditional music, folk songs, and popular songs from around the world.
Our mission is to build bridges between people through authentic, inspiring performances of the finest choral music.
Please read carefully before responding, as Ensemble Companio is unusual in several ways:
• Membership requires travel.  Though we are legally based in PA, our rehearsals and concerts take place throughout the northeast USA.  Most 2014-15 rehearsals and concerts will be held within a two-hour radius of the greater New York City area.  In past seasons, we have traveled as far as Gettysburg, PA; Ithaca, NY; and Wellfleet, MA.
• We hold one rehearsal weekend a month from September through early March.  On rehearsal weekends, we usually work from 9-5:30 on Saturday and 9-12 on Sunday, often with a dinner or other group outing on Saturday night.
• We perform one concert apiece in late March, April, and May.
• We prepare only one program of high-quality a cappella music per year, which allows our musicians to learn and deeply assimilate the music and perform it from memory.  Work outside of rehearsal is expected, but it is facilitated by custom-made pedagogical MIDI files and recordings.
• Membership dues are $75 per season.
With all of these caveats out of the way, know that Ensemble Companio is a very tightly-knit group of friends, perhaps socially more akin to an extended family than to the average choir.  Monthly rehearsals require hard work, but they are invariably joyful.  Because of the high level at which we prepare our concert repertoire, rehearsals are almost always deeply emotionally engaging as well.
Because of the unique nature of the time commitments, Ensemble Companio is an ideal choir for young professionals or stay-at-home parents.  Many of our singers have full-time jobs and families.  (If members need to bring their children to rehearsal weekends, Ensemble Companio helps secure childcare.)  We are open to qualified singers of all ages and from all walks of life.  We have some professional musicians in the group; we also boast social workers, teachers, lawyers, engineers, stay-at-home parents, consultants, and graduate students of various sorts.
For samples of our performances, please visit
If you are a BI/BII and are looking for an authentic, inspiring choral experience with a loving and highly talented group of musicians, Ensemble Companio might be the right group for you.  Contact director Joseph Gregorio at for more information about the audition process.