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Register today for 2014/15 Cross-Choral Training® Workshops

Location: New York, USA
2014/15 Cross-Choral Training® Workshops
Applied Vocal and Musician Pedagogy with Dianne Berkun-Menaker and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus

Extended Full-Year Program OR Two-Day Intensive, October 11-12, 2014
Explore the proven and successful training methods of the Grammy® Award winning Brooklyn Youth Chorus and learn how to prepare your chorus to sing challenging music of varied styles and genres in an educational context and on the professional stage. Join us for our extended full-year training and teacher-support program and take your skills to the next level. Or learn more about the C-CT® methods in a two-day intensive workshop. Through demonstrations, interactive discussions, and performances by members of Brooklyn Youth Chorus, participants learn both the art and the science of vocal and musicianship pedagogy to achieve real breakthroughs with choruses of all ages.
Extended full-year program includes:
·       Sessions on the primary areas of vocal function: breath management and support; laryngeal registration, vowel shaping & resonance strategies
·       Open forum discussions and support for participants in applying C-CT® methods
·       Score analysis for teaching and conducting
·       Master class sessions with BYC ensembles
Two-day Intensive Workshop topics include:
·       Cross-Choral Training® Philosophy and Principles
·       Vocal Function – Registration, Resonance, and Breath Management
·       Developing Vocal Exercises
·       Vocal Qualities for Varied Vocal Styles
·       Sight-Singing and Ear-Training Approaches
·       Problem Solving Vocal and Musicianship Challenges in Repertoire
·       Rehearsal demonstration with the Brooklyn Youth Chorus
Learn more about The Cross-Choral Training® program at
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