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Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Hello all, 
I'm stage managing a production of TOSCA in LA and we desparately need Catholic items for set dressing and costuming. Please take a look and let me know if you would be willing to donate or rent the following items: 
My contact:
Props/Set Dressing: 
1 large Virgin Mary statue
6 large matching candlesticks for above the altar
6 large matching candles (for above candlesticks)
2 smaller matching candlesticks to go on the altar (St. James may have)
1 Brass candle lighter/snuffer (St. James may have)
1 Processional cross (the more ornate, the better)
2 processional candles
1 Thurible (also called a censer)
1 Incense boat/spoon
3 white & gold vestments 
           -3 albs (long white tunics)
           -3 cinctures (cord tied around waist)
           -3 cope and dalmatic sets (cape & wide sleeved tunic)
1 mitre (tall pointy hat for the bishop)
3 or 4 adult black cassocks (choir robes) 
4 adult red cassocks (2 average size and 2 xxl)  
3 or 4 adult white surplices (a surplice is a short wide robe with a round neck) 
15 children's surplices (to go on top of red robes)
Thank you!