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programs for two seasons for a large, advanced choir

Hey guys.
I am applying to be an MD for a large choir of around 60 singers. They have been singing a very varied music uptil now. I need to to submit suggested programming for two seasons. Each season should contain three distinct programmes, one of which is with a small-medium size orchestra and the other two unaccompanied and/or with one or two instruments (e.g. piano/organ). Till now they san pieces like: Britten's Spring Symphony, Will Todds Mass in Blue, Rachmaninov Vespers, Faure Requiem, Carmina Burana, Gabriel Jackson Requiem, German Requiem, Berlioz Romeo and Juliette, Rossini Petite Messe and Handel Messiah of course. Plus some smaller works by Whitacre, Lauridsen and carols...Any suggestions? I have never worked with such big choir before:)
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