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Choral Potpourri: Choral Ethics; Envy and Jealousy

July 28, 2016 -

“The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.” William Penn In preparation for writing the blog post today, I looked up the

Hi all! I am programming a concert on a theme of unity and bring many different people together- those of all races, colors, creeds, sexualities, abilities. On the microcosm, I am focusing on building a sense of unity and community in my program, and on the macro level, given our current social/political climate, I feel our country and our world really need that right now, too. I just need some inspiration!

I have all levels of choirs, so pretty much everything is open! There is a 6th grade treble group that meets once a week after school, MS every day group that can handle SAB/SATB, men's and women's HS beginning ensembles, an auditioned HS women's ensemble SSA/SSAA, as well as an advanced HS SATB group that can sing more difficult SSAATTBB. All periods/genres acceptable! I am also planning on starting an after school, contemporary a capella group this year, so I am open to any arrangements in that genre, too!

I periodically peruse the rep lists and catalogues. I am really looking for pieces you love, and have been really successful with bringing together or creating community with MS & HS students. Thanks in advance for your suggestions! Comment or PM me.

PS- if you have a suggestion for a catchy title, I am still working on that, too. :-)
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1 day ago

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Michael Bussewitz-QuarmI Would love to share my SSAATTBB pop a cappella piece with you called "I Am Here", based on a poem by a local poet (and friend) Bill Batcher. It definitely fits your theme and challenges the singers emotionally. I'm due to get a recording this month from Matt Curtis.bill try to get you a perusal score. Sounds like a great theme, Christine!

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Kris ZookHi Christine. Mark Hayes One World is an awesome piece for this topic

1 day ago   ·  1

Michael Bussewitz-QuarmI've attached the sample score of "I Am Here". The recording will really be the most useful, but this is a preview for now. All my best!

1 day ago

Scott A. SalserWe did Craig Courtney's arrangement of "Let There Be Peace on Earth" this year. There is an optional string accompaniment which we also used and it turned out beautifully.

11 hours ago

Adam LacySisi Ni Moja (We Are One) By Jacob Narverud. Great, catchy piece with a great message.

1 hour ago

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