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Christmas In July 2016

July 27, 2016 -

Tired of the heat? Get your sleigh bells, scarf and cool off with my annual Christmas in July special. You will hear a short cantata by JS Bach, plus new music for the season and of course a chestnut or two. Come on in!

Hi everyone!
Potential touchy subject...

I am a high school director in Northern VA with 6 choirs. Only 2 of the choirs don't include the words "men", "women's", or "ladies."

I have students who identify as either male or female, but are placed in their choir according to their (birth) sex which is listed on their transcripts. The singers said they were "OKAY" with their placements because they would be in the classes with other students with similar voice parts. Even though they said this, I know I will keep a close eye on their well-being this year, and in the future.

My question for you is - Do you have any suggestions on what to rename my choirs so that they don't conform into the gender binary?
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2 hours ago

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Joel Adam ShapiroWhat about Treble Choir instead of Women's/Ladies' etc?

1 hour ago

4 Replies


My-Van NguyenWe're seriously choral twins. Have been considering this all summer!

1 hour ago   ·  2

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Joel Adam ShapiroInstead of Men's Choir, maybe give it a unique name relating to your school/mascot?

1 hour ago   ·  3

Douglas NeslundOh for God's sake, people! Don't let the political correctness infect and pollute our youngsters. Enough of this mind twisting junk!!!

1 hour ago   ·  1

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Jason LongtinI think coming up with fun, creative names for each group is the best solution. This actually comes up in church choir all the time. Lots of church ladies sing tenor (even bass...I sit next to one), so we have to be mindful of not calling the TB section "Men."

41 minutes ago   ·  1

Tyler ForsytheFor my creative juices to flow, I need to know your school mascot and school colors. Additionally, any unique or interesting characteristics about your school or town would be helpful. (For example, if the town's festival is called Stucco Days, that could be useful in naming the choirs.)

8 minutes ago

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