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Let The Men Sing

September 28, 2016 -

Going Beyond Words w/ Stan Schmidt Show 2245 – Let The Men Sing This week on ACDA Radio we shift gears and join the men of song. Musical guests will be tenor Stefano Secco, The King’s Singers, Choir Leoni Men’s Choir from Canada, the Hilliard Ensemble, and the orchestra of voices from San Francisco,

Can anyone point me to some advice regarding helping teenage boys sing through their voice change? I have two 14-year olds in my adult church choir, one whose speaking voice is very high and is starting to break, and one whose voice is incredibly low already and has difficulty singing above C3 (though I suspect this is due to shyness, not inability.) I have only ever worked with adults, so while I know it's important to keep them singing I don't know how to help them specifically. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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Thou N Susan YangBeing unable to sing above C3 when the voice first changes for a bass is common - I was the same when my voice changed and just assumed that singing was not for me since I couldn't sing like everyone else. A lot of directors lose basses and baritones because of this, sadly. I had a senior bass who had a good C2 but didn't join choir because he wasn't sure if he would be good like everyone else. Keep them singing every day - focus on breathing, rhythm, theory, eae training, and have them sing the notes that work best for them, even if you have to create an extra part for them to sing (cambiata voice). Here is something for quick reference:

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Daniel E. Gawthrop: The Promises of Isaiah the Prophet (World Premiere)

Daniel E. Gawthrop
The Promises of Isaiah the Prophet
World Premiere

RenMen Laments
Renaissance Men
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