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Choral Potpourri: Choral Ethics; Bein’ Highfalutin

September 29, 2016 -

“It is impossible, in our condition of Society, not to be sometimes a Snob.” William Makepeace Thackeray Recently, I’ve become aware I am being referred to as Highfalutin, an Elitist, and a Snob. All those things are, apparently, bad things. In my own work, I suppose I am a bit

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Does anyone know of any church or group that would be interested in selling some choir robes like these? We have 110 robes and all of a sudden we have 160 boys! YIKES!! ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

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Annelise BrownHow?? I have 7 guys in my choir and it's like pulling teeth

1 day ago

Kenneth Potter160 boys. Poor baby I feel so sorry for you. I'd take maybe 140 of them off your hands. How many do you really need?

23 hours ago   ·  1

2 Replies


Brian RussellCan't help you, but what a great problem to have! Hope all is well with you, Ken!

18 hours ago   ·  1

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David is so great to see young men wanting to be involved in a musical group. I have worked with the Atlanta Boy Choir and find it so rewarding to work and see them grow musically, mentally and spirituality. I know you must be very proud of them!

8 hours ago

Jo-Michael ScheibeWhat a wonderful problem......

4 hours ago   ·  2

David DonathanHi Ken. I have about 70 robes like these you can have. A few clarifications: they are adult sizes, but some are for smaller adults, and they have the cathedral length surplice, not the shorter ones you have. We bought new ones 2 years ago. They are in pretty good shape, royal blue, 100% poly, cotton/poly surplice, in 2 boxes ready to ship. They could easily be altered. Message me.

1 hour ago

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David DonathanRemember, you saw them when we sang with you for the Aida conference here in Charleston.

1 hour ago

David DonathanACDA...darn auto correct.

1 hour ago

Kenneth PotterNo, David, I wanted the boys, not the robes. Reread the thread........

33 minutes ago

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Choir goofing just before a spectacular performance at the Tobin Center for Performing Arts.

The SACS chorus members goofing just before a spectacular performance at the Tobin Center for Performing Arts.

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Executive Director: Douglas McCarroll / Artistic Director: Dr. Jennifer Seighman

Established in 1965 by Gwilym H. Isaac, the San Antonio Choral Society began as a community choir, with only a handful of singers, as a means to join with others who share the same passion for choral music and strive for excellence in performance. SACS has since grown to an 80+, mixed-voice performing ensemble open to talented men and women from all walks of life. Since the original charter was drafted, our established purpose “of performing sacred and secular choral works for the pleasure of and cultural well being of the community” continues to be the basic tenet by which SACS operates today.

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