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ACDA Executive Director, Dr. Tim Sharp with Coro Arturo Beruti and Maestra MarĂ­a Elina Mayorga of Argentina

America Cantat 8 ~ Sights & Sounds of Celebration

August 28, 2016 -

“Sing a Song of Joy and Gladness ~ Sing a Song of Peace and Harmony Sing Across the Islands ~ Sing Across the Sea Sing

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I recently moved my grade 6-8 chorus after school (I'm also a band and general music teacher). The reason I did this was because I would only see the chorus once every week and a half (or sometimes every two and a half weeks) for 45 minutes. That gave us roughly 9 or 10 rehearsals for the concerts. By moving it after school once a week for an hour, I will have much more practice time with the students and hopefully they'll get something out of it other than it being a "cram session".

I know that now it's an after school club, it conflicts with other clubs, sports, etc. (in which the coaches and other teachers are pretty darn flexible). What are some recruitment strategies that you've had success with since some students are freaking out that it's now after school?

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4 days ago

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Sarah MiltonI finally moved mine to friday afterschool because it was the day of least conflict with other activities.

4 days ago   ·  2

Sarah MiltonAaaaaand, I also do it seasonal. So at the concert cycle I give students with previous conflicts the opportunity to join. But also realize that this is an extra ensemble in addition to band and choir during the day.

4 days ago   ·  2

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Karen MerkleyField trips. I know it's basically bribery, but the only group I take on field trips is my junior high choir (I also am the Gen. Music teacher at a K-8 school so the younger kids can look forward to their own trips and that makes recruitment in future years easier).

4 days ago   ·  4

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MG LingenfelterI understand why you moved it after school, but you've now taken it out of a school day where it was part of a curriculum. You are now making it equal with extra curriculars. Can you keep the during school class, but have extra after school rehearsals to attract different groups? You'd have to have some combined rehearsals, but that is easier to make happen than losing students because of the move.

3 days ago   ·  6

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Laurie Betts Hughes2-3 lunchtimes instead of after school. Bring doughnuts sometimes.

3 days ago   ·  1

Caleb JosephFollowing.

13 hours ago

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