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Let The Men Sing

September 28, 2016 -

Going Beyond Words w/ Stan Schmidt Show 2245 – Let The Men Sing This week on ACDA Radio we shift gears and join the men of song. Musical guests will be tenor Stefano Secco, The King’s Singers, Choir Leoni Men’s Choir from Canada, the Hilliard Ensemble, and the orchestra of voices from San Francisco,

Dear Directors:

What uniform options are available for your transitioning transgender students when it pertains to performing ensembles? Our choir members have the option of tuxedos for males and solid black gowns for females. I currently have a student who does not identify with either gender. Has anyone else found themselves in situation? If so, what options were provided?

Thank you.
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9 hours ago

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Jessica CorwinFrom the uniforms you describe, I would suggest they put together their own formal all-black outfit, which wouldn't stand out. It's reasonable to say that it requires your pre-approval so you know it's not revealing or visually disruptive.

9 hours ago   ·  7

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Peter NiedmannI would let that person wear what they wanted

8 hours ago   ·  3

Caitlin MeyerI think it would would be appropriate to ask them what they would prefer to wear. The double bassist in my jazz band (also transitioning, f to m) prefers a tux.

5 hours ago   ·  1

Jacki HafellnerHave them choose one or the other outfit so they still match

5 hours ago

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Stephanie Myers FridleyLet them choose.

5 hours ago   ·  1

Gayle TuckwoodGive everyone the choice of black pants/shirt or dress. Not all females like wearing dresses.

4 hours ago   ·  1

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Philip KeirsteadFriends, if you have an individual in your choir who is brave enough to come to you and say "I'm going through something in my life right now and I feel very uncomfortable in a tuxedo or a dress. Would it be okay if I wore [xyz]?" you have the option of being a beacon of understanding in an otherwise stressful life moment or saying "sorry, you have to wear the tux or the dress or you can't sing." This is a simple decision. No judge at a Festival would bat an eye at a student in an alternative uniform that was clearly well-thought out. And if you have audience members or other students who take issue with it, then you have the option of either educating people or playing the "because I said so" card.

4 hours ago   ·  9

Amelia Nagoski PetersonLet them pick -- let everyone pick! And get a new uniform that doesn't reinforce the gender binary myth.

4 hours ago   ·  5

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Erick J. FiguerasBoth women and men wear pants suits. I've also seen both men and women wear tuxedos. I would think the tux would be a fair option for any singer.

3 hours ago   ·  2

Janita DucharmeThank you, everyone, for your input and suggestions. This has been on the forefront of my brain since our uniforms are already purchased and ready to go, but I already have several students going through transition. It has always been my thought to have students choose whichever they feel comfortable with, but this is the first time the student isn't comfortable with either of those options. Other suggestions I've heard is to have the student wear a black blazer with a white button up shirt and black dress pants, since it is more gender neutral. (Just sharing for others who may also find themselves in this situation.) I'm hoping to go back to this student with some suggestions. This student is transitioning M to F but is not yet comfortable wearing a gown in public. I want all of my students to look professional and uniform while still maintaining their identity within the ensemble. I truly appreciate everyone's input. These are great discussions to be having with each other.

23 minutes ago

Stephanie Myers FridleyWe've changed to 1)black from the waist down 2)tops a combination of black/white/gray. It looks pretty cool and all singers get to express themselves.

8 minutes ago

Eileen Ball WalentinSolid black of their choice. I have the same situation

4 minutes ago

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