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Find your entry point, with Craig Hella Johnson

September 30, 2016 -

GRAMMY-award-winning conductor and professional listener Craig Hella Johnson joins me for an interview on presence, honesty, and realizing the music with your choir. This is an audio podcast. LISTEN HERE Biography Renowned as one of today’s most influential voices in choral conducting, Craig Hella Johnson brings unparalleled depth of knowledge, artistic

Does anyone have a good resource (YouTube perhaps) of body percussion for "White Winter Hymnal" where the students are not dependent on the others around them? ... See MoreSee Less

8 hours ago

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Joseph ZachowskiFollowing, we are doing this piece too!

4 hours ago

Joseph ZachowskiFound these, kids love to try and get these down. I'm looking for an approach that could work with a large ensemble (62 SAB mostly 9th graders) standing on risers, with independent rhythms instead patting each other's thighs. Tough to perform their original motions while standing, stage setup not conducive to sitting.

4 hours ago   ·  1

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Brett R. BurtonTrue...I took them down because I didn't read the whole game distracted me.

4 hours ago

Barbara Branson There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube. With your number of students, you could have a small group seated doing the original body percussion, and then have the rest who are standing doing something less involved.

2 hours ago

Emily K. TousekI'm in the same boat. I have a smaller chamber size group doing this though. I haven't been sticking to the original movements, but rather just the original rhythm. I've found that it's a challenge for my kids to keep the original rhythm going without speeding up. I do like how the pentatonix video shows each person being assigned to a specific rhythm though that contributes to the overall effect. There might be something in that idea that I can work with my choir.

2 hours ago   ·  1

Kevin McDonaldI did my own body-percussion for this last year that did not rely on people to the left and right and it was very effective. Each voice part has their own body percussion and it changes with sections of the piece. If you private message me an email address I can send you a pdf of a finale file that demonstrates what we did. If you have ever seen the piece Ritmo, the body percussion is designed like that.

1 hour ago

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