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Find your entry point, with Craig Hella Johnson

September 30, 2016 -

GRAMMY-award-winning conductor and professional listener Craig Hella Johnson joins me for an interview on presence, honesty, and realizing the music with your choir. This is an audio podcast. LISTEN HERE Biography Renowned as one of today’s most influential voices in choral conducting, Craig Hella Johnson brings unparalleled depth of knowledge, artistic

A fun new word for our deeper grasp of this beloved choral art.
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1 day ago

Melissa Stouffer likes this

Craig DenisonWorks for me.

1 day ago   ·  1

Mitchell Anthony MeyerUnfortunately the verb embody is already there and well established so I doubt it would ever gain much traction though there are some similarities in your usage in the sense; to give physical form to something. Embodiment is the appropriate noun. You're also talking about physicality so not sure what the most appropriate word/phrase would be. Keep at it though! :v

21 hours ago

Alan GummCorrect on all accounts. Embodiation is only useful in context of the previously coined term audiation. Yet the term embody is not in common use to mean body or physical as a thesaurus search shows.

49 minutes ago

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