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ACDA Executive Director, Dr. Tim Sharp with Coro Arturo Beruti and Maestra MarĂ­a Elina Mayorga of Argentina

America Cantat 8 ~ Sights & Sounds of Celebration

August 28, 2016 -

“Sing a Song of Joy and Gladness ~ Sing a Song of Peace and Harmony Sing Across the Islands ~ Sing Across the Sea Sing

Happy "new year" everybody. I was asked to have my 8th graders sing at an assembly about a book the students were assigned over the summer about immigration and the hardships of migrant workers. Any ideas?? I'm thinking maybe a song about hard work and perseverance? ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

Laura Holden GreenHi, You could try Irving Berlin's "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor". Has a positive resting point to the tribulations of travel and struggle.

1 day ago

Naomi Katz CohenOMG that's exactly the song I was going to suggest

1 day ago

Tom Pedasgreat choice. If you want something more upbeat you could try Neil Diamond's "Coming To America"!

20 hours ago   ·  1

Sarah MiltonWhat was the correlating book?

23 minutes ago

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