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Comment: Re: Choir and IB?
This is my first year teaching at a school that offers both IB and AP programs. As Ronald mentioned above, the IB program requires an intense amount of work within a very limited framework. Our principal is actually slowly cutting the IB program because it so severly limits what students can explore...
Comment: Re: 2014 Summer Choral Conferences (North America)?
Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ, always has excellent, inspiring summer programs. You might particularly enjoy the Conducting Institute:
Comment: Re: Major Works Appropriate for HS Singers
I am a vocal pedagogue (and a fan of Doscher's) which is why this piece concerns me a bit. I have the good fortune to have been working with my choirs on this piece little by little over the school year and I stress healthy technique at all times. They will only be singing for long rehearsals the t...
Comment: Re: Major Works Appropriate for HS Singers
So many great replies! Thank you, everyone!!!
Forum message: Major Works Appropriate for HS Singers
I'm a new vocal music faculty member at a large high school with an excellent orchestra. This year the music department is combining the forces of choir and strings with Carmina Burana (woodwinds/brass are being sourced from local college music departments). The choice of repertoire was left to th...
Comment: Re: Lower jaw surgery and singing!
Another aspect of any major surgery for singers to consider is the impact of intubation. Here is a link to a comprehensive article on the subject by Kari Ragan published in the Journal of Singing.   Wishing you all the best on this journey!...
Comment: Re: College Theory Program and Great Choirs
Westminster Choir College! A fantastic combination of world-class choral conductors in the classroom, amazing choral performance opportunities off-campus and a theory department full of working composers.
Comment: Re: Sight Reading in Middle School...Is It Possible?
Corey - Check out Michael Driscoll's page,, especially his articles for Mass Music News, where he advocates using Curwen hand signals as a quick way to asses sight reading.   I've been doing lots of reading on the ChoralNet archives l...
Comment: Re: Any DoD Music Teachers out there?
If you're interested in teaching internationally you may also want to consider independent American high schools. In Asia, especially, the administrative support of music programs is really quite amazing and it is considered an important part of a good education by the parents, too. Headhunters ...