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Comment: Re: “Vocal Advantage: Tone (part 3)” by Dina Else
Dina, I hope you're going to mention sometime the factor of EMOTION in singing.  For when has adrenalin and passion for something, it affects the body, and technique can be enhanced or improved with it.  How do you think Barbara Streisand can hold such long notes in her singing?  Through a pasio...
Comment: Re: Choral Conduting - MM or MA?
I am looking for a decent choral conducting program in Michigan, that has some element of early music as well. I have a Master's from Stanford University in Early Music, mostly vocal.   Thank you for your  replies.   Doris Williams
Forum message: interviews with choral teachers
I am an aspiring conductor of adults or teenagers, perhaps a new music direction for me. I have conducted bits of small groups in the past, but am now exploring what it would be like to teach teens or adults.  I have a small adult choir every Friday, teaching ear training, sightreading, and its g...