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Comment: Re: Sacred poetry repertoire
Several from late 19th or early 20th century composers come to mind:   Charles Wood Never weather-beaten sail (Campion) Hail, Gladdening Light (Keble) True Love's the Gift (Walter Scott) View me, Lord (Campion again)   Charles Hubert Hastings Parry Songs of Farewell   Charles Villiers...
Comment: Re: Seeking an (unpublished?) piece by Jean Berger
Sea Chanters did record it. It's on this CD:   It doesn't seem to be available for purchase, but you can listen to it on Spotify (free to sign up):
Comment: Re: Music for Ordination Service
Ecce Sacerdos Magnus is appropriate for a bishop's visit:   A Prayer of King Henry VI is not exactly rousing, but I love the text (see the Latin text and English translation in the link):
Comment: Re: Walt Whitman Settings?
This may not work for your choir, since there is an extensive bass solo and the choir is split, but I stumbled across this while looking for other Charles Wood music. Here is a link to the PD vocal score on Google Books.   Dirge for Two Veterans - Charles Wood
Comment: Re: English Choir Music
I see that you have a great list. I didn't notice one of my favorite English Anthems, and wanted to mention it.   Greater love hath no man - John Ireland    
Comment: Re: Credo pieces in English
  There is one in the Great Service by Byrd:,_William)      
Comment: Re: So British!
Speaking of Parry, an arrangement of Jerusalem would fit nicely.
Comment: Re: Last minute Easter anthem - SATB - quickly obtainable
There are some nice Easter pieces by Charles Wood, although probably not with the instrumentation you are looking for:   This Joyful Eastertide - This one is also in the '82 hymnal, but in a lower key. O for a lay! - This is a pretty well-known hymn tune, although some of the rhythms were less...
Comment: Re: Bach "Hallelujah, Amen" source
Here's a profile from a different arrangement and publisher:,-Amen/10088260.item#.UuExBWTn9L8   It looks like it was misattributed to Bach, and is actually by Georg Gottfried Wagner.   Here's a version on CPDL:
Comment: Re: The Latin word “quattuor”
I see only one mention of this on - Vidi turbam magnam by Palestrina:   Vidi turbam magnam (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)   It is given three notes in this setting (see p 6 of the pdf).   Hope that helps.   Matt
Comment: Re: Proliferation of excessive excess
Jane, your comment about needless expense and effort for choirs reminds me of an exchange between Jesus and Judas in John 12:4-8. We do not sing in church only to preach to the people, to "steer people", to manipulate, or to attract people to our church. We offer this music to God, in worship to Him...
Comment: Re: Anthems for St. Michael's Day - September 29
The Marenzio is also on CPDL:   Princeps gloriosissime (Luca Marenzio)  
Comment: Re: Anthems for St. Michael's Day - September 29
Factum est silentium by Richard Dering is what I have scheduled for that day. One of my favorite sacred Renaissance pieces.   Here are all of the settings of Factum est silentium listed on CPDL.   Larry, I'll message you. I'm very interested in settings of that text, especially in English. ...
Comment: Re: Choir Music Database
Yes, this is why I chose Google docs for the same thing. I like being able to enter new entries through a form - very clean.
Comment: Re: CPDL Magnificat
Are you looking for one in Latin? Are you focused on any particular time periods? And, are you ok with solos or small ensembles along with large chorus   I was looking at Magnificats this weekend, and there are two or three that I enjoyed, all under 5 minutes, but all in English:   Stanford...