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Comment: Re: New Hymnals
Dear Jay, I love "Glory to God."  We bought it at the great pre-publication price and our members gave over 2/3s of them as honor and memorial gifts.  (I think it's on sale now til the end of the year.) You've seen the contents, so you know what's there.  My congregation members often tell me ...
Comment: Re: French pronunciation of Latin
Way back in the seventeenth century, Guillaume-Gabriel Nivers, who published a new Antiphonarium and Gradual, said that if the Romans knew how the French promounced Latin, they would promounce it that way.   Have fun! Lenora
Comment: Re: Acoustical Paint
Barbara,   I have no experience, but you might talk with an acoustician.  He/she should have that information if the paint still exists.   Good luck! Lenora
Forum message: Book or other gift suggestions
My wonderful assistant at church, who has just graduated with a BM in music ed., is about to start a great position as an assistant director of middle school choirs--her first job.  I'm looking for suggestions for a gift for her from the church.  We're happy for her, but very sad that she is leavi...
Comment: Re: Conferring Emeritus Status
Hi, Sarah,   What a lovely thing to do.  When our organist retired after 50+ years, we had a great celebration and declared her "Organist Emerita" with nothing more than the Session's approval. I don't think there is anything more official than that.  It was a surprise and there's no reason s...
Comment: Re: "Elijah" with organ
Patricia, I played this several years ago and it's tough!  I looked all over for an organ score and had to get it ILL from Oberlin.  It was complete, although we cut the overture a bit, and edited some of the more pianistic bits.  I think it was a successful performance, but it takes a very fine...
Comment: Re: Britten's Rejoice in the Lamb - conduct solos?
Daniel, As an organist having played this wonderful piece several times, I beg of you not to conduct the solos.  Watching the soloist and a conductor is more frustrating than helpful.  You are likely to be ignored anyway and if the soloist takes an unexpected turn, then a good organist will follo...
Comment: Re: FINALE HELP
I've got Finale 2012 and I'm a MAC user. The way I save as a PDF is by clicking print and then choosing "PDF" on the lower left of the print window. Easy.  May work the same way in the 2014 version.  If she owns this she can call the Finale folks.  They have been very, very kind over many years t...
Comment: Re: Great Choral Music by "Forgotten" 18th & 19th Century Composers
Denton (TX) Bach Society is doing a whole program of galant music next week: Niccolo Jommelli, Beatus vir (which is wicked for the soprano soloist), Carlo Luigi Pietro Grua, Littanie della Beata Vergine (Litaniae Laurentiae), and Leonardo Leo, Magnificat for 5 voices.  All with strings.  The str...
Comment: Re: Vivaldi Gloria instruments
The original scoring for the "Gloria" is 2 violins, viola, 2 oboes, trumpet and continuo, which includes cello, bass, organ or harpsichord, and other bass line instruments you might come up with--bassoon, lute.  There is no independent organ part for any movement.  I just looked at the IMSLP scor...
Comment: Re: Accompanist compensation question
Mike,   First, lucky you!  A good accompanist is worth more than his/her weight in gold!  Church musicians face this problem all the time.  Here is the statement from the Presbyterian Association of Musicians guidelines for compensation.  As you see, some of it comes from the AGO.  Musicians...
Comment: Re: Music for singers and viol consort
Look at all the English vocal literature from the Gibbons, Tomkins, era.  There are lots of Byrd.  Lucky you!!  
Comment: Re: When musical notation gets in the way
Have you thought of offering a music reading class?  There's lots of resource material for adults and the non-readers may surprise you at their learning speed.  I did it once with a choir full of non-readers and they were very grateful.  I told them I wasn't doing it for them, but for me!  I hat...
Community Forum Post: Memorial Service/Funeral Anthems
I serve a small Presbyterian church with a well-balanced choir of 20+, including several professionally trained singers.  We are facing the death of one of our choir members, and quite likely, several other church members in the next year or so. I want to include a few anthems in our regular rehear...
Comment: Re: Church pianist salary?
Check out the AGO (Amer. Guild of Organists) guidelines. It gives ranges for hours worked and education level, but not years of experience.  Be sure to add 2.5 to 3 hours prep time for each hour worked. <>
Comment: Re: Faure Requiem - Rutter ed.
Matt, It is certainly possible to do it with just organ, but be sure you have a very creative organist for satisfactory registrations.  If you are careful, you might put the harp parts on piano.  Good luck.  We did the piece with a small orchestra last spring.  My choir loved it.   Lenora
Comment: Re: Men's Extra Large Shoes
Try Organmaster shoes.  They have 15 and 16.  You might get them to make the 16.5 for less than $300.  They are simple black oxfords.
Comment: Re: Katerina von Bora, Martin Luther's wife
I hadn't thought of them.  I'll pass on the information.  Many thanks!  Finding publishers is not in my day to day thoughts!     Lenora
Forum message: Katerina von Bora, Martin Luther's wife
There is a very fine composer in my choir who has written a cantata on the life of Martin Luther's wife, Katerina von Bora.  It is for SATB, A & B soloists and organ, harpsichord (piano would work), oboe, violin, viola, cello, and double bass. (We did it with Baroque instruments, but that isn't...