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Comment: Re: Raucous drinking and sailor songs for men's voices
In Taberna from Orff's "Carmina Burana" is also great.  It is in Latin, but it rocks!
Comment: Re: Question for symphony choruses affiliated with an orchestra
A couple of years ago the Master Chorale of Tampa Bay and the Florida Orchestra directed by Stefan Sanderling recorded a CD for Naxos.  We performed "Sea Drift" and "Appalachia" by Frederick Delius.  The CD hit #2 on the itunes Classical Chart, #2 on the Amazon Classical Chart and #1 on the Amazon...
Comment: Re: Question for symphony choruses affiliated with an orchestra
I sing with the Master Chorale of Tampa Bay and we are under contract with the Florida Orchestra as their symphonic choir.  Over the 7 years I have been in the ensemble, we have had several different incentives, such as pricing discounts offered to members who purchase tickets using a specific disc...
Comment: Re: Beautiful but simple Renaissance Piece
Domenico Scarlatti: "Iste Confessor".  Very easy to perform, but beautiful.  SATB plus a soloist.  There is a nice recording of it by Harry Christphers and the Sixteen if you want to hear it.  Several renditions are also available on YouTube, but The Sixteen performance is the best.
Comment: Re: Major thirds
Nice article!  We used Pythagorean Tuning to stay on pitch while rehearsing Lauridsen's "O Magnum Mysterium" and it was very effective. Also, my daughter, a cellist, uses Pythagorean tuning, but has to adjust to harmonic tuning when working with a piano.
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
When I read the title of this thread, the first piece that came to mind was Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus.  There are so many beautiful works, but I think this piece approaches perfection because it is accessible to choirs of varying size and capability  while retaining its beauty.  I have sung this ...
Comment: Re: Theme of light/day and darkness/night
We performed a concert focused on night themes last year.  Some of the selections I really enjoyed singing included:   Morten Lauridsen:  "Shining Night" Rene Clausen:  "Tonight Eternity Alone" Eric Whitacre:  "Sleep"   For the light theme, Eric Whitacre's "Lux Arumque" is another great ...
Comment: Re: Mozart Requiem
The Master Chorale of Tampa Bay performed the Mozart Requiem with the Florida Orchestra in April 2013 with Guest Conductor Xian Zhang.  Our program included opening with Mozart's motet "Ave Verum Corpus", followed by Mozart's Symphony #35.  After intermission, we closed the program with Mozart's R...
Comment: Re: Most challenging song(s) for you personally that you were proud of yourself for learning and performing well!
For me, they included:   Bernstein- "Chichester Psalms" Bernstein- "Almighty Father" from his Mass.  Acapella- Every interval had to be memorized. Schoenberg-"Friede auf Erden" Stravinsky-"Symphony of Psalms" Ellington (Arranged by Alice Parker)-"Songs from the Sacred Concerts".  This was ...
Comment: Re: Favorite Ave Marias
There so many beautiful pieces!  My favorites are:   Rachmaninoff Biebl Lauridsen
Comment: Re: Choral Accountability
One measurable output of such a moment is the growth of your choir and music program.  As you create more of these moments, you will get more interested students which will cause your program to grow.  It is a longer term metric (several years, I am sure) but the growth should be measured in score...
Comment: Re: Finish this sentence.......
My vote is for Robert Shaw, who set the gold standard for classical choral music performance.  I sing with the Master Chorale of Tampa Bay, and whenever we perform a major work with the Florida Orchestra, the Shaw/ASO recordings are a valuable resource for my score study between rehearsals.