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Community Forum Post: domain name expiring
I used to have a website at, but haven't had it "up" for a couple of years now, and I won't be renewing my domain name.  I am NOT selling the domain name, just letting you know that it will be available on July 3 (the day my ownership expires) if anybody is interested in grabbing...
Comment: Re: Digital Choral Music Publication
It's important, I think, to consider the composer here; living composers, that is.  More and more composers are questioning the entire traditional publishing model of "doing business," for many reasons:   Unless a composer is already "a name," or has developed a working relationship with one...
Community Forum Post: 2012 Commission Project Results & Experiences?
Remember the special Commission Project of 2012?   As far as I know, ten composers were commissioned to write one or more pieces for the choirs which engaged them.  If you were one of those ten, would you be willing to share your experiences with that project...
Community Forum Post: NPR Piece -- Food for Thought   Describes an interesting experiment involving music ("emerging bands") to test the role of chance in success.   Thoughts?  
Comment: Re: copyright issue ?
See:   Scroll down to "The Most Frequently Asked Questions" section.   Also see:   Scroll down to question #10.  
Community Forum Post: ?s for "Composition Spotlight" and "Composition Showcase" Composers
Now that these two marketing tools have been up and running for a while:   Has your participation in the Composition Showcase directly resulted in any sales and/or downloads of your music?  Which piece(s)?    For those of you who have been honored with a Composition Spotlight, has that expos...
Comment: Re: Winter Concert music needed
Perhaps someday you will be moved to use your skills and talents to create original works of art--paintings, books, music, sculptures...--and try to share them with the world. Perhaps then you will gain a broader understanding of and tolerance for fellow artists who hope to share what they hav...
Comment: Re: Winter Concert music needed
Although I no longer compose choral music, and have not posted anything on ChoralNet for over a year, from time to time I visit just to see what is going on. Your post, Sara, is disheartening at best and potentially very damaging at worst. As someone who was very active in the Composers Forum for a ...