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Comment: Re: Current Pop or Broadway Show Stoppers
Hi, Suzanne, In my K-8 school, every child (okay, every girl) knows "Let It Go" from Frozen by heart, because they've all seen the movie many times. JWP lists a Mac Huff SATB arrangement as #10438568. I don't know how high school boys would feel about singing it, but it's current, popular, and ener...
Comment: Re: After School Middle School Choir
Dividing the grades into choirs depends on the numbers involved, and if you're starting from scratch, you won't know until they show up. Given that you have enough singers for your purposes, I would put 6th and 7th grades together and give 8th grade their own choir. This makes sense to me on three l...
Comment: Re: How to get middle school boys interested in singing?
My high school had two boys in our 100-voice concert choir, and today every boy (and girl) in my K-8 program is expected to sing for a grade. I appreciate how important it is for faculty and administration to simply expect boys to sing. The climate must change in order to change the boys' outlook o...