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Comment: Re: Teacher not being allowed to audition students for advanced choir
Political correctness run amok. So is everyone who is on the football, baskertball, or baseball roster guaranteed time to play in games just because they are on the roster, or are only those who are most qualified actually play in the games? Play the principal's game. Let anyone in, but as I see it,...
Comment: Re: Responsorial Magnificat
Di Lasso set the Magnificat responsorially 24 times as some sort of project in 1567--once in each of the 8 modes for 4 voices, 5 voices, and 6 voices. I'm sure you can find something that appeals to you there.
Two thoughts that may be helpful. I once built a JHS program up to 5 choral ensembles from the original 3 I inherited, none of which could match pitch. I worked out an arrangement with the school counselors whereby they could put anyone they wanted into two of the groups without a word of complaint ...
Comment: Re: Middle School Choir- Rehearsal Help
My solution will be of no help right now, but for the future consider going to all equal voice ensembles. Only mix boys and girls in performance after you have already rehearsed them separately in their own ensembles. I have even done double chorus music SATB/SSA with three ensembles combining. I ca...
Schubert. Pergolesi.
Comment: Re: Looking for an SATB Halloween piece for HS Choir
Double Trouble from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban by John Williams, arranged by Teena Chin.
Comment: Re: Advice/Tips for a Brand New Choral Teacher (Junior/Senior High)
After years of using all kinds of analogies to explain vocal technique and choral principles to JHS and SHS students, I finally wrote them all down and Alfred published them in a little book called VoiceWorks: a "how-to" owner's manual for vocal students and teachers. I like to refer to it as an ana...
Comment: Re: The first few minutes of rehearsal/class: what are your secrets to success?
My "bell-ringer" activity is the instant the second hand on the clock hits 12 I hit the F-major chord and go right into an established sequence of exercies everybody knows. I always begin with a 5-note scale lip trill 3 times up and down. This exercise mandates sufficent breath support and simulta...
Comment: Re: Searching for "Little April Shower" acappella arrangement
I wrote my own SSA. REALLY easy.
Comment: Re: Most challenging song(s) for you personally that you were proud of yourself for learning and performing well!
Dvorak Stabat Mater
Comment: Re: Prospective B.M in choral music student
Michael, the entrance requirements vary greatly from school to school. Contact each of the schools in which you are interested individually and ask them these same questions. Also, ask what repertoire they recommend for your audition. Usually the voice audition involves something from 26 Italian So...
Comment: Re: SSAA or SSA piece that will WOW audience
Some more shameless self-promotion: my SSA setting of Chippewa Dream Song Medley, published by Alliance Publishing (API), NOT Alliance Music. If you're looking for something multi-cultural, it may be the only thing out there in Ojibway.
Comment: Re: getting female belters to blend in SATB choir
Just as an aside, there have been countless circumstances where I have pointed to one student who was sticking out and announced to the rest of the ensemble, "He/she is sticking out and IT'S NOT HIS/HER FAULT! Where are the rest of you?" If EVERYONE is "sticking out", then NO ONE is "sticking out". ...
Comment: Re: getting female belters to blend in SATB choir
First thing I wonder is if the imbalance is entirely the fault of the few "belters".  It sounds like you are doing the right things to address their tonal production.  However, I often find that as often as not the imbalance is not always because they are putting out too much but because all the o...
Comment: Re: Instrumentalists teaching choir
First thing to do is join a choir, the best quality you can find with the best director possible, although it may be too late for this season.  Next, now is an excellent time to make plans to attend as many summer choral conferences as you can.  Pick the brains of as many others there as you can....
Comment: Re: The meaning behind "fa la la" in madrigals
I like to think of "fa la la" as the Renaissance equivalent of Seinfeld's "yada yada yada."  Whatever that means.
Comment: Re: 1st year choir directing ~ Several questions!
I'll keep it short and sweet.  1) Tone deafness: total nonsense.  The mistake most teachers make is trying to get the student to match pitch.  Have the student sing any match and YOU MATCH THEM!  They will soon develop a sense for what matching pitch sound AND FEELS like.  Then you can move on ...
Comment: Re: Speaking of Voice: “Freeing the Natural Voice & Avoiding the 'I’m Sick' Syndrome” by Mary Lynn Doherty
I have a couple logical and pragmatic (although most would probably think somewhat unscholarly) replies to your article, with which I happen to agree wholeheartedly.  First, I tell my students that the term "sore throat" is ambiguous to me.  Here is an opportunity to educate them on the distictio...
Concert: In God We Trust: A Choral Perspective
The Clarion University Concert Choir and Chamber Singers, under the direction of Dr. Henry A. Alviani, will present In God we Trust: A Choral Perspective Saturday night, 7:30p.m., April 5, 2014, in the Marwick-Boyd Auditorium.  This performance is part of the Clarion University 2013-14 Mary L. Seif...
Borrowing request: Locate Holst Rig Veda brass parts
Item: brass parts for Holst Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda 4th group Composer/Arranger/Edition: Gustav Holst Starting: ASAP For: April 7, 2014 Copies: one each Willing to rent: Yes  Fourth Group of Holst Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda is scored for men's chorus with orchestra and brass ad lib....
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
Let me throw out a few: Palestrina Tu es Petrus; Monteverdi Ecco mormora l'onde;  Bach Dona nobis pacem from Mass in B-minor; Vaughan Williams Dirge for Two Veterans from Dona Nobis Pacem; Durufle Ubi caritas; Brahms Ein Deutsches Requiem 6th movement (to be performed at my memorial s...
Comment: Re: Student with Little Facial/Mouth Awareness
Like most people she spontaneously developed habits somewhere along the way.  What she is doing is not natural, it is just habitual.  I have found the mirror to be absolutely invaluable.  Unfortunately more often than not students HATE to look at themselves in the mirror, but they must do it ofte...