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Comment: Re: Hard Times Come Again No More
We have a very simple call-and-response song called "We are Going" that was written in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It actually came to me in a dream. It's very easy to harmonize to so it's there's no score, but you can hear a sample and see the lyrics at the bottom right column of http://ka...
Comment: Re: Multicultural Folk and Traditional Music
Hi James,   We sing all world music, in about 25 languages. See the "Our Music" page at and let me know if you're interested in anything. I can hook you up with sheet music for most of it. We are all-female but the rep should be easy to convert to TTBB.   Sing on! Cairril
Comment: Re: Music about Human Rights, specifically women
We have a setting of the Mother's Day Proclamation, written by one of our singers:   "I Love Everybody" was sung by civil rights activists to put them in a loving space before they went out to face police, water cannons, and dogs:
Comment: Re: Journey songs
Have a look at "We are Going" at This is a nice audience participation piece. The lyrics are online and the tune very simple, and I "wrote" it (I actually received it in a dream), so it's free for use. You can download the mp3 from Amazon or iTunes. It came out o...
Comment: Re: A cappella music for treble choir aged 13-16
We have a variety of songs that might be suitable. You can check out our repertoire samples at The first two that come to mind are Sarvam Brahman (a beautiful soothing Hindu chant) and La Rosa Enflorece (a lovely Ladino song, though the ornamentation may be chall...
Comment: Re: Selling original choral works online
My alter ego is a web developer and we are working on a site that sells sheet music. You might want to check out FlexPaper. It's a plug-in that allows you to specify how many copies can be printed (I usually see this limited to two). You can also watermark the pages or place a tag on it saying how m...
Comment: Re: Finnish translations for women's choir rep by Kahara
I found these on YouTube and I am in love! Where can I get the sheet music?   Sing on! Cairril
Comment: Re: Teaching French diction efficiently
We have been working on a French song recently and I had everyone break down into groups of two or three and sing the tricky parts for a French speaker. The speaker then corrected the pronunciation until the singers could do it correctly. We will periodically revisit this, as pronunciation can "stra...
Comment: Re: SAB acapella for Freshman/Soph non-auditioned choir?
We have a very simple but beautiful Hindu chant called Sarvam Brahman. that could be converted to SAB. You can hear a sample at If you're interested, contact me and...
Comment: Re: Secular, a cappella, graduation music
"The Parting Glass" is a lovely Irish folksong. We do a version by The Wailin' Jennys -- SSA. Could get you the transcription if you're interested. Here is our version:   Sing on! Cairril