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Community Forum Post: What happens now?
Has anyone heard anything from ACDA leadership about Allen? What is the future of Choralnet? What is the future of this committee? What is going to happen with communities? It would be nice to give some information at the general membership meeting at my state summer conference. 
Comment: Re: Creative folder storage solutions
See if there is a parent that would be able to make one out of wood and put it on wheels. Otherwise - Check out OfficeMax or OfficeDepot.
PDF Document: SHC Sample Test
PDF Document: SHC Tonal Memory 2011
PDF Document: SHC Sight Singing 2011
Forum message: Possible Budget Cut to Music Purchases - Help!
My district is in the process of trying to cut over 4 Million dollars from its budget this year and one of the items is $12,000 in music purchases. We have not been told officially where that cut is, whether it is orchestra, band, or choir. What we choral directors are afraid of is that the $12...
Comment: Re: Music Festival Scheduling software
Have you tried google docs?
Comment: Re: Singing Tests - What do you do? How do you defend the test?
This would be a quarterly singing test or singing evaluation. It includes sight-reading, singing a scale pattern, and one song they sang on their concert. In each section I grade them on their individual performance - the sight reading they have done before in class, the scale/pattern they sing h...
Forum message: Singing Tests - What do you do? How do you defend the test?
Please share any information on how you conduct singing tests with your students.  Also, how do you defend the validity of the test if a parent/guardian says their students shouldn't have to take a singing test .....for example if the student is just in the choir to get their fine arts credit...
Comment: Re: Why are we still using CD submissions for honors choirs?
Would it be possible to have a trial period for a few years and have the option to do both digital and to mail in recordings? One concern is having to pay the audition fees with my own credit card or checking account. Depositing student checks into my account is potentially a big issue with scho...
Comment: Re: Environmental factors for MS choir
Can you change your schedule? Maybe have three or four sections of choir and then have group rehearsals closer to the concert? Also, are there chairs that you can have the students set up and tear down for rehearsal on stage? Hope this might help.
Forum message: Do you use the Gordon Learning Sequence Activities in your MS/HS choir?
What resources do you use?   How do you use it in your classroom?   Do you use any technology or the Audiation Ass't Software?   How has it benefited your singers?
Forum message: What books have helped you the most as a choral director?
What books have been the most useful to you as a choir director? What books helped you the most at the beginning of your career? What resources have you found that you will use forever? 
Comment: Re: Middle School/Junior High Choral Conference---Interested?
What a wonderful idea! Being a new teacher, this would extremely helpful! I would like to know more about recruiting male singers, picking music, transition from general music classroom to the choral classroom, the male and female changing voice, theory and the middle school choir, amongst all the...
Comment: Re: Teaching Choir in a Non-Choir Room Space
I have a similar situation. I teach one of my classes in a cafeteria due to lack of rehearsal rooms. In the cafeteria is a very small stage and then of course tables for lunch. In this class i have had around 30-35 students. Every day I have them get folding chairs and set them up in three rows, o...
Forum message: Portfolios in the Choral Classroom - Ideas Needed!
I'd be interested to hear from anyone who uses portfolio assessment for their choral classes. What do you include? How do you grade these projects? What do the students think of this type of project? If possible, please message me a copy.  Thank you!!!
Comment: Re: Cantique de Jean Racine
Check the book "the interpretation of French Song" by Pierre Bernac published by Norton.
Forum message: I want to go to the 2010 National ACDA Conference in Chicago but I'm lacking the money!
Does anyone know of any grants or scholarships that could help in funding a trip to the National ACDA Convention?    Also, I remember there being an article in the Choral Journal about writing grants to go to conferences, but which month and year was it?   Does anyone have a grant they ...
Comment: Re: SDACDA Community - Testing Subscriptions
Got the message!
Community Forum Post: Why Music Matters
Comment: Re: High School Nuts and Bolts
 Some ideas from a second year teacher: Picking appropriate repertoire and how to pick for all types of groups and ages, voicing students (especially middle school), Syllabus ideas, forms to use for the classroom, and books to buy, and how to end the year and what to do between concerts.
Community: Beginning Teachers
A place for new teachers and choir directors to                                 connect and share ideas during the first few years.                              
Forum message: Student Evaluation of Teacher - What questions do you ask?
I will soon be ending my second year as a middle school/high school choir director. At the end of my first year I had my students fill out an evaluation about me and my teaching. The feedback I got was useful but the form was for a general teacher, not a music teacher. I would like to create my own ...
Comment: Re: Can Hashimoto's disease affect one's vocal technique?
 I don't have Hashimoto's disease, but I do have GERD, hypothyroidism, and TMJ.  I have a lot of issues reaching higher notes due to mostly to tension from TMJ. I always have to make sure I am able to be standing and be able to move a bit to aleviate tension in order to be able to hit the higher n...
Forum message: How do you respond to this statement?
 A few times I have had students hear a piece once or sightread it once and then say, " I don't like this piece!" or something similar in nature.   How do you respond to this kind of statement?
Forum message: Audition for High School Choir - What to include?
 I am a second year teacher who is part time middle school (a section of 7th & 8th Grade) and part time high school (9th grade choirs).   I will be auditioning current eighth graders for a select ensemble for the high school during the 2010-2011 school year. My current list of what will be eva...
Comment: Re: Music History Unit Ideas - Please Help!
 My goal for the students is to learn a brief history of music. I want them to understand where music started and how it developed into what we have today.In college I really enjoyed my music history courses, but I teach mostly ninth grade students - so I am looking for ways to get them interested ...
Forum message: Music History Unit Ideas - Please Help!
I am currently working on a Music History Unit that I plan on teaching in January and I am looking for ideas to make music history fun and exciting...not just audio clips and lecture. I am looking at 10-11 school days to spend on this unit/project.  How have you taught music history? What did you u...
Forum message: How do I get my MS/HS students to understand my conducting?
Hello, I am in my second year of teaching and I was hoping someone would have some ideas or exercises I could use to help my students understand conducting. I am looking for a way to have my students understand what I am doing, why I am doing it, and for them to understand what to do when they see i...