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Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
I, too, am loving this subjective, but then, music is!  However, for me, when the composer himself felt he could do no better, and so didn't continue (this is unsubstantiated, although the ms seems to point that way), I can only agree with him...  And I'm very surprised that no one e...
Comment: Re: Mozart Requiem Tempo issues: Why so Slow?!?
This has been a fascinating thread to follow.  As one closely involved in recent recordings and performances of Mozart's operas, I too have questioned the meaning of Mozart's cut-time vs. 4/4, and of his expressive indications from the perspective of a conductor's beat.  However, the following q...
Announcement: Messiah and Elijah Workshops with Piers Maxim
Choral Workshops United Reformed Church, 53 West Street , Dorking , RH4 1BS conducted by Piers Maxim International Conductor Sa...