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Comment: Re: Looking for anthem to celebrate church's 50th Anniversary
Me our Church One Joyful Choir, by Eleanor Daley, Published by OUP. Mixed meter, a capella.....beautiful piece!    Make our church one joyful choir On this glad and festive day And by song invoke the fire that invites our hearts to pray Shape us Christ to live and claim All it means to bear...
Comment: Re: What is the most perfect piece of choral music ever composed? Opinions, please.
What a great question! I'm enjoying reading all the responses....   As a children's choir conductor, I am fascinated while currently doing Bach's Bist du bei mir, that each and every one of my singers is LOVING learning this piece. Girls, boys, my senior group, my intermediate group, all gush...
Community Forum Post: First Choir tour - All singers or not at all?
I founded my Children's Choir 5 seasons ago. I believe we are now ready to take the step of a choir tour. There are a few families who I know will not be able to afford such a venture. (My wonderful choir manager being one of those families) It is a small choir, and many singers are siblings, so I...
Choir: Gaudeamus Choirs of Halton Hills (Georgetown, Ontario, Canada)
Comment: Re: Finding a Word in the Still, Small Voice
Thank-you for this beautiful post.